Do you see me beautifully, with bright colors on my face, do you see me sleek and simple? The body is full of luxurious temperament? Do you see whether I am full of strong antiquity and not without the royal Temperament? Create your own European style furniture , my name is a product .


My main body comes from the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia at 10 degrees north and south. I don't know when I already have the exclusive title of "King of Wanmu". The texture, delicate appearance and hard wood make me very popular. like. I have absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, and people who have seen me have said that I have a noble and auspicious temperament. This makes me very happy. It is said that I can remind Wangcai and hear that the folks that everyone believes have such a It is said that "the sea bream is transported, the peach wood is evil, and the eucalyptus is dewormed."


My main style comes from a circle of squares and four squares. They do not have the same name of French, American and English. Only one name contains all the names called European style. The European style pursues the British-style petty bourgeoisie, advocating the romantic feelings of French furniture, and the practical and warmth of American furniture. Walking in the beautiful bay of Spanish style, my designer makes my noble temperament print the royal taste label, no Let the eyes of local gold stay in my place, change my complicated curve and let you see that I have a modern minimalism from two time and space. The beautiful body has attracted me to a group of young friends.


Yipin Haishu is a new brand of solid wood furniture in the emerging group of the Honghong Group. It inherits the constant pursuit of furniture quality, and combines the traditional Chinese style with the modern simplicity. The product looks beautiful and practical, paying attention to detail without losing the details. steady. While ensuring the modern Chinese style strong solid wood sense, it also highlights the product's honor! The company is a furniture enterprise integrating furniture production, R&D and sales. It covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters and has more than 800 high-quality employees. Quite a wealth of experience. Products are exported to Europe, the United States and many countries and regions in the Middle East. It has gradually become the first brand of Chinese sea bream wooden furniture. The company always regards product quality and reputation as the lifeline of enterprise survival and development. From the beginning to the end, with the "good quality, perfect production" as the core concept, in the spirit of humanistic care, into the various elements of life, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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