Versailles Palace is one of the world's five major Palace, also a French history indelible monument, now, has become hauntingly tourist destination, Jin cause the cabinet of Versailles garden series, inspired by the design of the Palace of Versailles in France, it's every inch The skin is full of golden petals, showing a luxurious royal style.

The Jinzhi Versailles garden series is based on milky white, and uses a lot of gold-plated gold plating techniques to decorate the carvings on the cabinets. The golden patterns on the cabinet doors and the Roman columns on the compartments exude the luxury of classical European furniture. .

The area where the Palace of Versailles was originally a forest and swamp wasteland, it is a miracle to build such a magnificent palace here. It is worth mentioning that in front of the Palace of Versailles is a unique French-style garden. The planting of trees and flowers in the garden is ingenious and beautiful, and it is refreshing and refreshing. Standing in front of the main palace, you can see the artificial river on the jade belt, the sails are a little bit, the trees on both sides are towering, the lush green, the green goddess sculpture stands in the pavilion. Close to the two pools of blue waves, the bronze sculptures along the pool are rich and varied, beautiful.

When you see the Jinzhi Versailles garden series, you don’t feel imaginative, just like walking into the mysterious Versailles garden, you can enjoy the splendid scenery of the royal garden.

The Jinzhi Versailles Garden series, while fully absorbing the classical European elements, integrates the brand's practical and functional concepts into the cabinet product design, and strives to make cabinet products that are more in line with Chinese household habits. With such a kitchen, every girl who stepped into this holy place will be transformed into a European aristocrat.

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