Since foreign software entered the market earlier, many designers first came into contact with some foreign software. Therefore, in the initial stage of CAD software selection, we prefer design software abroad. However, after trying out the CAD mechanical version, we found that it has the same powerful design features as foreign software, and the compatibility and flexibility are better, and it can meet our needs. In actual work, Zhongwang CAD Mechanical Edition effectively helped us improve design efficiency. The following are the three most practical functional advantages of the Zhongwang CAD mechanical version that our designers have summarized from practical work applications:
A perfect format compatibility
For a long period of time, due to the lack of unified management of design software, designers use different versions or even different brands of CAD software to design according to their own preferences and habits, which leads to the design of the drawings due to version, format, etc. Differences have caused mutual communication to be blocked. The designer has to realize the reading and modification of the drawings through conversion, export and other operations, which wastes a lot of time and is easy to make mistakes, and the work efficiency is not high.
Therefore, we urgently need a compatible CAD software to solve this problem. Zhongwang CAD Mechanical Edition is the most compatible professional software we have contacted. It is seamlessly compatible with the highest version of DWG and DXF files. It can read and edit almost all graphic files on the market, and the graphic information is accurate. Today, nearly 70 designers in the company use the latest Zhongwang CAD mechanical version. No matter whether it is internal drawing communication or external interaction, there is no task problem, and the designer's work efficiency has also improved a lot.
2. Intelligent labeling system
A complete design drawing includes elements such as primitives and annotations. In our design, the annotation work accounts for a quarter of the overall design work, and linear, chamfer, diameter, and angle are often required in a pair of drawings. Waiting for up to ten different kinds of annotations, it takes a considerable amount of time to switch between "commands" alone. In addition, the subsequent arrangement of the marked positions, the correction of the label style, and the like also require a lot of time. It can be said that these basic operations occupy most of our precious time, affecting the design efficiency and quality.
The new Zhongwang CAD mechanical version solves this problem well, and its intelligent labeling system can greatly simplify the labeling work, such as dimensioning, symbol labeling, serial number labeling, etc., support double-click editing, other objects can also be clicked by super-editing. edit. More simply, the dimensioning can also query the tolerance matching parameters. The enhanced labeling can automatically determine whether to generate linear or aligned labels. The intelligent dimensioning can automatically adjust the position of the labeling. Intuitively, these can improve the drawing efficiency of the usual drawing. Up to 8 times. In the shortcut command, the designer only needs to remember a shortcut key D. The software automatically performs the corresponding labeling operation according to the different objects, which is easy to remember and easy to use. The traditional CAD software has a lot of dimensioning commands, one shortcut key. Corresponds to a command.

Figure / Zhongwang CAD mechanical version of the intelligent labeling function
Three. Convenient standard setting synchronization tool
As mentioned above, Chongqing Xiyuan unifies the design software. The main purpose is to standardize design positions, unify enterprise standards, and reduce design error rates. Really unification requires that each designer's design environment must be "consistent", such as layers, linetypes, scales, font styles, dimension styles, print styles, and more. In traditional CAD software, these design environments require a little bit of manual setup, and each computer needs to do the same setup. The biggest drawback of this approach is that the designer needs to do a lot of repetitive setup work, and it is prone to errors during the manual customization process.
In the Zhongwang CAD mechanical version, the design standard style update and packaging function can easily realize the unified configuration of the design environment. Designers only need to configure a complete set of design environments on a computer according to company standards, and then use this function to package these “configuration content” and distribute it to other designers in need. The latter only needs to click and click. It is very convenient and accurate to complete the entire environment configuration work.

Figure / Zhongwang CAD mechanical standard synchronization tool
The above is the most amazing function of the designer in the actual design work, which greatly helps to improve the design efficiency. In addition, Zhongwang CAD Mechanical Edition has many practical and efficient functions, such as multi-frame, multi-standard, auxiliary tools and parts library, which can significantly simplify and speed up the mechanical design process. At present, Chongqing Xiyuan has further communicated with Zhongwang Software to promote the secondary development cooperation of the mathematical formulas used by the designers, so as to realize the faster development of camshaft outer envelope and camshaft motion trajectory.
Enterprise file:
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