The American country style has abandoned the cumbersomeness and luxury, and is guided by the comfort function, emphasizing “returning to nature” and making the style more relaxed and comfortable. The legendary solid wood furniture of North America is elegant and elegant. The appearance is elegant and casual. The colors are mostly elegant slate and antique white. The lines are casual but focus on clean and capable. It should be said that it has abandoned the cumbersome and luxurious, classical style and neoclassical functions, which are simple and clear, and easy to care for, and more suitable for the daily use of modern people. Let's let Xiaobian take everyone to compare the characteristics of American pastoral furniture !

American country style furniture features one: natural and simple


North American legendary American pastoral style furniture has both American freedom, nostalgic romance, and rustic and rustic style. The furniture is mostly antique white. The shape is simpler and lighter. It doesn't have too complicated design, but natural. Comfortable, just like being in the middle of the mountains and forests, it has faded all the glitz and returned to nature.

American country style furniture features two: fabric match


Cloth art is an important element often used in American country style furniture. The fresh and elegant color creates a simple and comfortable feeling. With the pattern of small florals and lines, the fabric is soft and the bulk of the furniture itself does not appear. The old-fashioned, but full of warm and soft atmosphere.

American country style furniture features three: comfort first


Comfort is the most important thing for American country furniture. The sleek design of the legendary furniture in North America rarely appears. For example, the fabric of the sofa is made of soft fabric and leather. Everything is comfortable and creates a feeling of leisure. To create a warm home.

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