"Seven-character Mantras" help cabinets win the future market

Nowadays, it can be said that it is the age of the Internet. People obtain information, work, shop, chat, and make friends online. As if the Internet has become a part of people's work and life, it can be seen that the market potential brought by the Internet is immeasurable. At present, the Internet accounts for an increasing proportion of people’s lives. Cabinet companies should use Internet thinking to change their inherent ideas and use the Internet to win the future market for cabinets.

What is the "Internet thinking" of cabinet companies?

The concept of Internet thinking, using Xiaomi mobile phone Lei Jun, can be summarized into seven words: "focus, extreme, word of mouth, fast." This year, affected by the property market and a variety of factors, cabinet companies can say that performance is flat. So, how can we keep or broaden our share in the face of narrower markets and increased competition? This requires cabinet companies to use the "Internet thinking" to implement the seven words.

It is not difficult to see from these seven words that the importance of providing customers with the best shopping experience is centered on the customer experience. “Concentration” and “Extreme” are product-level thinking. “Word of mouth” and “Express” are service-level thinking. Therefore, cabinet companies relying on “internet thinking” and using the Internet can not only make sales, marketing, and customer service available to these front-line departments. The change will also have a huge impact on the mode of production and R&D of these back-office departments.

Internet thinking can promote cabinet companies' progress

Internet thinking is the promotion of corporate responsibility, the promotion of costs, and the promotion of services, because the Internet accelerates the transmission of information and the information is equivalence. Consumers want to know the cost of any product, raw materials, etc. will be very easy, because the price of all raw materials online can now be found, and even the cost of the product can be found directly. Quality and cost are not controlled to the extreme. Today, information transparency and cabinet companies lose their competitiveness.

Cupboard companies in this era, only to continuously improve their own products, the service is done in order to retain the residence of consumers. Making the Internet a tool for service companies, using the Internet to reduce the cost of finding customers, reducing investment in new product research and development, and wasting the waste of detours have become a trend in today's corporate operations. Cabinet companies should take advantage of “Internet thinking” to develop cabinet companies and win market initiative!

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