Since entering the summer, due to the decline in sales during the off-season, major furniture companies have launched various marketing cards in various ways, and some enterprises have created unique brand activities, which has produced a lot of influence. Some specialty store shopping guides claim that the sales trend has been relatively stable since the summer, so the company did not take price reduction promotion measures. Xiaobian also interviewed several furniture company leaders in this situation. They said that the company will participate in some marketing activities initiated by the store, such as group purchase collection, president signing, etc., but generally do not take the discount store promotion method. Increase sales in the off-season. Industry experts believe that the fundamental reason for ensuring a company's off-season sales is the brand appeal of the company. The quality of marketing activities is uneven. According to the survey, the marketing methods of brand furniture enterprises have been diversified this summer. Most of the companies have participated in the group purchases, such as the homes of Real Estate, Red Star Macalline, Jimei Home, and Chengwai Home. The president signed the event. There are also some companies that have carried out annual celebrations and other activities. Businesses responding to such activities are still effective. Li Qing, head of the unified home propaganda department, said that these are the mainstream promotion methods in the near future for a period of time, which can well collect the passenger flow, and at the same time, there are enough exciting prices to attract points. However, there are more businesses, and the number of times is frequent, which will inevitably lose the appeal to consumers. Some brand enterprises have also planned some unique activities, such as the “Red Songs Sending True Feelings” sweeping activities in the 55th Anniversary Series of Tiantan Furniture. After the house was moved to Xi'an, the night market marketing activities initiated by the new stores were combined. However, this kind of special activity also has the same effect and problems. Li Qing told reporters that the night scene mode of Unification Home uses the leisure time of consumers after dinner, invites customers to visit the unification storefront, and at the same time gives out a certain margin of concessions and benefits. This model has achieved good results and has been introduced by some other large chain stores. However, there are some processes in the activity that are not rigorous to cause trouble to consumers, or the guides are unclear about the rules of the event, resulting in some promises. Redemption and other issues. Yu Pengfei, head of the planning department of Tiantan Furniture, also said that activities such as “Red Song” and “Factory Tour” did have some results, but in terms of event organization, how to make brand influence better reach the customer base is still worth considering. Most companies said that they did not fight the price war, although they were in the summer, but the external heat did not affect the “inner heart” of some furniture companies. The furniture companies that target specific audiences did not plan too many marketing activities. In this regard, Ronglin Shijia President Kirin said in an interview that Ronglin Shijia did not have any special promotion for the off-season things, and even did not have such an idea, because Ronglin's products are products for specific consumer groups. Its market volatility changes will not change simply because of a sales price or a sales method. He also said that "Yonglin's products are both betel nut and Kyocera, which are a kind of cultural products. We also hope to get the understanding and support of all users. We think that Ronglin's products should conform to the popular taste, but more exclusive services. Crowd, this group of people should communicate more in terms of product understanding and culture. We may do some brand promotion work for certain cultural festivals, but we will not simply use price reduction promotion. It can be seen that the off-season sales activities also need to be comprehensively considered according to brand positioning and product characteristics. Industry experts believe that promotion is a means for enterprises to take advantage of the market, gain benefits and enterprise development, and is a positive performance. However, because each company has different products and different audiences, the sensitivity and love level in the face of promotion are not the same. The appeal of the brand enterprise has been highlighted. Whether the furniture merchant chooses to take the initiative in this particular season or has no obvious action, the purpose is the same, that is, to ensure the sales volume of the enterprise. In terms of how to ensure the company's off-season sales, the industry generally believes that improving the brand appeal of a company is the ultimate trump card to defeat the enemy. Yu Pengfei believes that the activities such as the president's signing and sales can not bring much effect to the president himself, because the president of the home is not a famous star, but more represents a brand and products and services of the brand. Li Qing also believes that very creative sales decisions have a great help for off-season product sales, but the most important factor is the brand's appeal. In the peak season, the effect of the brand is not very obvious, but the off-season is coming, there are Influential brands are easily able to rely on the brand's attractive collection to get customers to sell. Kirin said that the most critical factors that can guarantee the sales volume of the company are the product itself, the customer's recognition and the customer's love and loyalty to a brand.

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