As the proportion of finely decorated homes in the real estate market is getting higher and higher, and the pace of life of urbanites is fast, buying a finely decorated room can save time and not waste time on renovation. Once the fine decoration room is hot, it will inevitably affect the development of the home improvement market, making the home improvement company face enormous external challenges. Then, can the fine decoration house “eat” the market share of the home improvement company and become the master of the industry? Many industry experts say that there are some inevitable shortcomings in the hardcover house, and the home improvement company can start from these shortcomings. Seeking a new source of profit.

The owner’s heart is worried about the quality of the fine decoration

In the investigation, the reporter found that many consumers have great doubts about the fine decoration house. In addition to the lack of personalization, they also have great concerns about the quality of the hardcover room. There are still many consumers who believe that fine decoration is only the scorpion used by developers to raise prices. Some owners think that the price of fine decoration provided by developers is too high, so they don’t have to spend so much money to find a home improvement company.

Some insiders said that there is no relevant standard for the decoration of finely decorated rooms, and the standard for the delivery of rough houses is mandatory by the state, which leaves some developers with speculative gaps. Shen Ruitao, director of decoration planning of Longrui pointed out: "The hardcover room is relatively closed during the renovation. The owner can only see the finished product and can't see what materials the developer uses. At the same time, there are problems in the warranty of the hardcover room. Some hardcover rooms are in the There is no problem at the beginning of delivery. When the time is long, there is a problem exposed. At this time, the consumer does not know who to solve. On the contrary, when the rough house is renovated, the owner can check the progress and quality of the decoration company in real time. After that, there is also a certain length of warranty, which is relatively easy to solve problems, and it is easier to solve problems."

Home improvement company seizes the hardcover of hardcover housing

Shen Taotao said: "At present, many consumers have strong individual needs for decoration. The general small-sized units can be finely decorated, because the small-sized units are mainly aimed at the young people who bought their homes for the first time. These people have more pressure on their work and life. The leisure time is relatively short, so there will be no more demand for a small apartment after a fine decoration is in place. For villas or large-sized apartments with very high personalization requirements and very large engineering volume, the acceptance of fine decoration rooms Not so high."

He pointed out that the large number of hardcover houses undoubtedly brought shock to the home improvement company. However, the home improvement company is willing to cooperate with developers through various channels to divide the "big cake".

Mr. Yang, the No. 1 Home Planning Director, pointed out that the current concept of private customization is deeply rooted in people's minds. Whether it is cabinets, wardrobes or sanitary wares, the custom route will be inevitable. The uniform decoration style will inevitably result in the same result. The decoration style provided by the developer is inevitable with the owner. There is a certain gap in preferences, which cannot fully reflect the aesthetic orientation of the owners. Mr. Yang stressed: "At present, many consumers who have bought a finely decorated room will re-find the design and construction of the home improvement company before the check-in. In addition to some hard-packing that cannot be replaced, others will have a certain degree of re-processing; we have also recently Change the business model, use the online and offline combination mode, and expand the market at the same time, there are also a lot of trials and inputs in the soft decoration, to meet the transformation needs of the fine decoration owners."

Some of the heads of home improvement companies have an urgent sense of crisis in the promotion of finely decorated houses. Manager Zhao of the Terminator decoration told reporters: "Under the situation of not eating the cake in the hardcover room, we can only continue to broaden the market and engage in More landing activities can not be eliminated when the home improvement industry reshuffles."

Building materials furniture hardcover room is good for us

In the eyes of furniture and building materials manufacturers, the fine decoration room is a piece of “fat meat”, and they all try their best to cooperate with the developers actively.

Manager Zhang of the Sophia Wardrobe told the reporter: "We have contracted the hardcover houses of developers such as China Shipping and Evergrande in recent years. Although the unit price of the products has been depressed, after all, it is a big order to negotiate a project. Going a lot of operating costs, in addition, in view of the strengthening of individualized demand in the market, we are also taking the road of custom wardrobes, and developing together in two aspects, it can be said that the future market prospects are good."

Practitioners in the building materials industry generally agree with this view. They believe that today's hardcover rooms are increasingly demanding furniture and building materials. Under the premise of ensuring quality, some developers have tried to uniquely decorate each household. The positioning of their products has also had an important impact. In addition, the individual market demand in the traditional market has been hot in recent years, and the market has unlimited business opportunities.

It should not be overlooked that furniture and building materials manufacturers believe that the cooperation with developers in the hardcover housing project can perfectly establish their own brand image, not only does not threaten their market share, but more opportunities.

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