Weak and weak sides of campus security

The famous psychologist Masno puts personal safety as the first of the five levels of demand, showing the importance of safety. The whole society is paying attention to the safety issue of the “Pagoda”.

The school is a place for educating people and a heaven for learners. It is a sound, harmonious, healthy and safe environment for students to learn and grow. It is the common aspiration of all teachers and students, and it is also the voice of the whole society. The campus is safe and well-read. One college student said this: “The campus peace concerns the vital interests of every student and the campus is safe. We can calm down and study hard.” But now campus accidents are frequent, so we must not Do not look back at this insecure "** tower."

Status of Campus Security The current situation of campus security is mostly weak. Most kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and even colleges and universities only increase their efforts in air defense and physical defense. Although technical prevention is involved, it is still not the main method. The current lack of school security can be unified as follows:

1. Most schools use the cameras installed in the school's main passageways, important places (such as laboratories, computer centers, and financial offices), fences, entrances and exits of various buildings to achieve monitoring. Anti-theft alarm systems are mainly installed in key areas such as switch rooms, computer centers and financial offices to prevent theft. The monitoring system and the alarm system are independent and cannot be shared with each other.

2. As a public utility in a non-profit country, there are few educational funding sources, and there is a shortage of dedicated funds for campus security construction. It is usually impossible for schools to invest funds in one step. The security systems of most schools are completed in phases and sub-projects.

3, personnel mobility, difficult to manage. Campus security is mainly divided into universities and primary and secondary school kindergartens. The difficulty of security work in colleges and universities lies in the high degree of openness, the complexity of personnel, and the high mobility; the difficulty in the security work of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens lies in the large coverage of security, because primary and middle school students have relatively poor self-control and relatively weak self-protection capabilities. The most likely accidents occur on the way to school and school. At present, the management of entrances and exits in most schools mainly uses personnel management, and cannot effectively manage the personnel entering or leaving the campus. Therefore, it is urgently required to install security systems in order to strengthen the effective management of entry-exit personnel and vehicles.

4. Another important reason constraining the construction of campus security is the lack of uniform standards in the country. Although there are individual provinces and cities that have issued relevant local standards, in terms of the country, only a very few industry standards have been introduced, and the regulatory surface is limited within a certain range. It is not yet possible to comprehensively and uniformly regulate the construction of campus security. Continue to improve.

Strengthen Campus Security All localities in action have created a good environment for deepening education reform. The construction of safe campuses has been opened throughout the country. Cities such as Shandong, Shanghai, Hubei, and Fujian have all been involved.

Shandong: Requested to implement "who will host and who will contribute"

The Education Bureau of Qingdao, Shandong Province requires that the education administrative departments and schools of all districts and cities must, in accordance with the principle of “who shall host and who contribute”, resolve the requirements for the recruitment of security personnel and construction of safety facilities for various types of schools and kindergartens. School security shall be provided in the form of unified equipment, self-employment by school teachers, and teacher service. Security guard rooms shall be set up at the entrance of the campus. The necessary defense, communication, alarm, firefighting and other facilities shall be provided, and measures such as guard duty, entry and exit registration, and daily patrol shall be strengthened. In the primary and secondary school (kindergarten) school, the key period of school, we must organize staff and security personnel in the campus gate, the key sections of duty, inspections, do a good job of protection work to prevent accidents.

All units shall take the initiative in coordinating with the security department and set up public security posts or security booths on or around the campus. The school (kindergarten) and surrounding areas shall install video surveillance, perimeter alarm systems, and access the public security agency monitoring platform for real-time monitoring. The campus monitoring room must maintain a 24-hour dedicated staff to ensure normal operation and improve the level of technical protection on campus and around.

"In order to prevent it from happening, governance has not been disrupted and prevented from occurring." National and local policies have increased horsepower in the new era to promote the creation of an engine for the safe campus. This is also sufficient to demonstrate the practical significance of "a century-long plan and an education-based approach."

Video surveillance helps campus security Campus video surveillance technology plays a key role in the construction of campus security. It is a new generation of video surveillance technology developed on the basis of network technology. It can not only make full use of the unique bandwidth conditions of the campus network. To achieve a low-cost, distributed, networked campus video surveillance system, and can greatly improve the efficiency of campus monitoring and management. Based on this, the main role of campus network video surveillance can be divided into the following points:

1. Gatepost monitoring: The records and statistics of personnel and vehicles entering and exiting the school gate are convenient for follow-up and inquiries.

2. Monitoring of teaching areas: Monitoring of teaching order, teaching staff, and video recording of emergencies to improve the ability to handle emergencies.

3. Dormitory area monitoring: The flow of people in and out of the dormitory area, logistics records and statistics to protect the student's personal and property are not infringed.

4. Library monitoring: monitoring and recording the flow of people to and from the library, logistics, and deployment at night.

5. Network transformation of the previous analog surveillance system to enable it to implement network-wide management.

When the school installs network video surveillance, the video surveillance points set at the entrances and exits should cover more than 25 meters around the school entrance. There should be no monitoring blind spots. The monitoring and playback images should clearly show the physical characteristics and activities of the people in the area, and Emergency alarms; school office buildings, teaching buildings, laboratory buildings and other corridors, key laboratories, test rooms, dangerous goods storage room, financial room and other important parts and the main activities of students must install the appropriate monitoring system.

At the same time, it must be able to network with local public security agencies; in addition, a dedicated duty room should be set up and dedicated personnel be responsible.

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