In the middle of pregnancy, she suddenly discovered that she and her husband were HIV-infected. Xiao Li (a pseudonym), 26, decided to give birth to her baby.

Yesterday morning, 38 weeks after she was pregnant, she had a caesarean section and her next daughter.

In order to ensure safety, Wuhan First Hospital initiated a full set of isolation measures and successfully completed this special operation.

At present, whether Xiaoli's baby is infected with the virus still needs further examination to be confirmed.

When they came to the hospital, they frankly stated, "We are special."

“One day at the end of last year, a young man came to our hospital and said that his wife was pregnant and wanted to be born here.” said Xu Min, head nurse of obstetrics at the First Hospital of Wuhan City. “At that time, his look was extremely cautious. He said they The situation is 'more special'."

Then the young man explained this "special": both husband and wife were infected with HIV.

It is understood that Xiao Li and her husband Dawei (a pseudonym) are all from Hubei. Before pregnancy, Xiaoli never thought of checking before pregnancy. The child was pregnant for four months before she went to the hospital to perform her first pregnancy test. She was told that HIV (HIV) is positive and she needs to be reviewed. After review and confirmation, Xiao Li had moved to give up the idea of ​​the child, but the child in his abdomen had been for more than six months. He was active and able to respond to the actions of the parents. She could not give up. As a result, Xiao Li and Dawei went to the Hubei Provincial AIDS Clinical Guidance Training Center at Zhongnan Hospital to seek help and learn detailed blockage measures.

According to doctors, if HIV-infected persons want to become pregnant, they need to do blocking treatment in advance and control the virus activity in the body in a zero state, and then prepare the pregnancy to minimize the risk of transmission. Xiaoli knew too late. Although she started blocking treatment since the infection was confirmed, her virus activity was not high, but her risk of transmitting the virus to her child was still very high.

"I have great sympathy for them and I am very grateful for their frankness." Head nurse Xu Min told reporters that any infectious diseases have their own ways of transmission, patients can be frank and can give medical staff enough time to take the most Effective protective measures, "This is also a respect for health care workers and the general public.

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