First, safety and security 1, the construction of hanging rope exterior wall paint should be carried out under the conditions of ensuring safety, all high-altitude operations personnel are required to conduct high-altitude operations training, must have rich practical experience and good physical fitness.
2. The position of the supporting point of the rope should be changed frequently to prevent the rope from being worn too quickly due to the large range of brushing and the wall friction caused by the friction, so that a safety accident occurs; the rope and the wall should be covered with rubber skin below the contact point to prevent the rope damaged.
3, the Department of the Department of the tether Department and the rope contact the wall to send someone to take care to prevent the rope from loosening and damage.
4. After the slings are fastened, use a sandbag weighing about 70 kg to perform an impact test on the ropes.
5. Each operator has one master rope and one secondary safety rope. The suspension board is connected with the sling between the slings and can be moved up and down. During the construction, the worker must bring the safety belt and the auxiliary rope to connect and move up and down.
6, set up full-time security staff to conduct safety inspections every day, and check each worker's safety measures to eliminate security risks.
7. The construction work area shall be cleaned and leveled, and the steel pipes, template and other debris around the building shall be cleaned up. There shall be no hard construction waste such as hard concrete or masonry below the construction work area.

Second, construction equipment 1, hanging rope: the master rope, breaking the pull should reach 21KN, product certification complete;
2, Vice rope: also known as safety rope, broken pull to take 70% of the main rope, should reach 15KN, complete product certification;
3, hanging plate: ash wood into 4, U-type crab buckle: steel breaking breaking force is calculated as follows:
[Fz] ≤ Fz/K
In the formula [Fz] --- rope construction allowable pull (KN)
Fz---Knotted rope tension (KN), 40%~50% of the old rope to take the new rope
K--- rope safety factor, take 5 when used as sling
In this project, the personnel weight is 80KG, the material weight is 30KG, the breaking tension is 40% of the new rope, K is 5, and Fz=13.8KN is calculated according to the formula above. There is an impact when the person falls in the construction. Take a shock coefficient of 1.5, then Fz=20.7KN.

Third, the selection and use of slings Note:
(1) When selecting slings, the manufacturer shall be required to provide the model specifications and performance parameters of the sling, and the breaking force shall not be less than the calculated pull force of the project. At the same time, the manufacturer shall be required to provide product certification and test report.
(2) When unwinding the rope, the rope roll should first be laid flat on the ground, the side with the rope end should be placed underneath, and the rope head should be pulled out from the roll (for example, pulling the rope from the roll, the rope It is easy to kink) and then cuts off as needed. Before cutting, apply a thin wire or hemp rope to tighten the white-brown rope on both sides of the cutting mouth to prevent loosening of the rope after cutting.
(3) If the rope kinks in use, it should try to shake straight, otherwise it is easy to pull off when the rope is pulled. The knotted rope should not pass through a narrow place, so as to avoid extra pressure on the rope and reduce its strength.
(4) The rope should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated place so as not to rot, and it should not be in contact with chemicals such as paint, acid and alkali to prevent corrosion.
(5) When using ropes, avoid dragging on rough components or on the ground. Contact with sharp-edged parts should be lined with sacks, rubber and other items.
A seated air suspension board is assembled from the above four components. First, select a reliable place for the rope at the top of the building. After selecting it, you need to test its impact resistance. The rope should be bolted a few more times, and the load test should be repeated three times without fail. Place all the ropes, corners, and plackets on the bottom of the rubber to prevent wear. Put a special knot in the U-shaped crab clasp on the hanging board, and hang the bucket on the side of the board, which is filled with half a bucket of exterior paint. The staff took on the row brush, roller brush, and operated on the board. When operating, the swing of the rope was minimized. Because of the special fastening method, the hanging plate does not slide down during work. The person controls the rope and can operate freely. Pull up the rope hanger to slide down. The pace of speed is controlled by the operator.

Fourth, the operation process 1, the operator sat in the hanging plate at the specified position, all the equipment tied in the hanging board under the side of the mouth.
2. Slowly lower the suspension board to reach the first working position.
3, using row brush, roller brush in accordance with the quality requirements of the working position of the construction.
4. At the end of one position, slowly adjust to the next position to continue construction until all the vertical position is over, and then move horizontally. The lateral movement must not exceed the specified range.
5. During the entire work process, the building personnel at the top of the building will be protected against accidents. Security guards will be provided at the bottom of the building. Safety supervision shall be conducted from beginning to end.

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