Infrared and night vision cameras have the outstanding advantages of night vision, concealment and stability in monitoring. As we all know, infrared cameras should be installed to avoid direct light source, because the infrared light is based on the photosensitive resistor installed in the infrared light board to control the power supply is turned on or not. In addition, infrared objects should be avoided as far as possible in the infrared camera field of vision, such as all black objects, empty spaces, water, etc., because if the infrared light is absorbed or weakened, the effect of the infrared projector lamp and the camera will be greatly reduced.

Infrared and night vision cameras need to pay attention to and observe the following matters when they are installed:

Different media have different transmittances and reflectivities. Therefore, different protective cover glasses, especially those with automatic defrosting coating layers, will cause some attenuation of infrared light. Special attention must be paid to the construction:

The installation location of the equipment should be avoided by aiming at strong light (such as sunlight, lighting, etc.), otherwise it may easily cause excessive bright or light (not a malfunction), and it will also affect the life of the CCD.

Cameras should be kept away from humid, dusty, extremely hot, cold, and strong electromagnetic radiation.

Some infrared lamps have no irradiation distance parameters, only the number of power, which is a very vague concept, because the power consumption is converted into infrared light energy, it also includes the power heat loss, circuit heat loss, light source heat loss, filter glass Infrared light efficiency and so on. That is, the same power of the infrared projection lamp, the irradiation distance may be very far away;

Manufacturers continue to increase, but the factory inspection of related products is not easy, and the conditions of technology, detection equipment and equipment are not all different. Users should make more comparisons, carefully read the operating instructions before installation, and pay special attention to the safety of personal equipment. matter;

Consider the degree of reflection of the scene being photographed. Infrared rays have the same characteristics of reflection and refraction as visible light, so a certain distance margin should be considered when there are no good reflective environments (such as buildings, fences, signs) around the target scene.

Optional infrared projection lamp, in addition to its indicator parameters need to consider other. Most of the infrared projection lamps on the market today are in the two bands of 850nm and 940nm, and the selected camera must be able to sense the infrared light of these bands.

Weather conditions such as rain, fog, dust, etc. are all factors that restrict the impact of the irradiation distance. In addition, the differences in the reflectivity of the site environment and the monitoring target will also make the night vision effect very different. Therefore, it must be tested before installation.

The electronic control switching device is used as far as possible, and its fuzzy logic capability can effectively control the working status of the ICR-CUT filter. Because most manufacturers use simple sensors such as photoresistor sensors to control the ICR-CUT filter and the On/Off state of the IR projection lamp, the repeated transition of its critical point is often unsatisfactory.

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