Whether it is from resource utilization or environmental protection, Chinese government and scientific and technological workers attach great importance to the research and development and utilization of lignin. It has been found that lignin is widely used in various industries and various products. Among them, as a dispersing agent for pesticide wettable powder, it has been promoted and used in the pesticide industry.
Lignin First of all, lignin comes from the low cost of papermaking waste liquid, which reduces the production cost of enterprises. In today's highly competitive world, you lower the cost is the key to your stable market. In application, lignin has large specific surface area and light weight, and it can fully cooperate with pesticides, especially many active genes in molecular structure, which can chemically combine with pesticide molecules through simple chemical reaction to make pesticides from lignin reticular. The structure is slowly released, prolonging the efficacy of the pesticide.
Secondly, lignin in the wettable powder not only increases the dispersibility of the pesticide but also prolongs the suspension time of the liquid, so that the liquid can be evenly sprayed on the plant, and the maximum utilization of the drug energy.
Finally, lignin itself is non-toxic and slowly degraded in the soil without eventually leaving contaminants. It not only increases the efficiency of enterprises but also reduces the amount of pesticides used by the state and protects the environment. Why not?
The pesticide network has learned that lignin is a kind of thermoplastic natural polymer material with a very rich source and has a wide range of uses. In addition to being promoted and used in the pesticide industry, lignin has a wide range of uses in the rubber industry, ceramics production, and smelting industries, and has great social and economic benefits.

Disperse Fluorescent Pink series include Disperse Fluorescent Pink Fbs(C.I. Red 362:1), Disperse Fluorescent Pink Bg (C.I. Red 362) and Disperse Fluorescent Pink Fe5B (C.I. Red 364) etc.

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Disperse Fluorescent Pink

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