Today, eyeglass sales, in the new round of consumer perception, is not just selling a product that protects eyesight, but is also a subsidiary of other integrated consumption—a combination of jewelry, a stylish embellishment, a casual fashion, and health. The must-haves. As people's economic level improves and the level of consumption rises, the eyewear sales market continues to grow.

With the increasing sales of eyewear sales market, business enterprises are naturally more and more. In order to have cakes to eat, the operators of glasses sales have to keep up with the pace of market changes, see the trend of the market, the trend And change. Today's glasses sales not only sell products, but also sell functions, sell experience, sell services, sell brands!

When customers purchase glasses, they will have their own reasons. For example, sunglasses are purchased to block UV rays and highlight personalities; the universe is purchased because of its lightness and sturdiness; progressive films are purchased for convenience and aesthetics. In the daily sales work, the salesperson can sum up the key sales elements of the merchandise through the following processes, sort out the common words in the sales promotion, and practice repeatedly to improve continuously.

1. Select effective items from multiple feature elements

Strengthen the theme, highlight no more than three selling points, provide positive display or negative negative display, and clarify the facts around the selling point. Case: The three selling points of the universe: light, shock and UV.

2. Consider the specific instructions

When expressing the selling point of a product, starting from the status quo of consumers, according to different consumer psychology, choose different ways of explanation. Case: When the customer originally wears a glass lens, he or she should be able to talk about whether the eyeglasses are imprinted on the lens.

3. Use demo items to experience sales

Creating clear sensory stimuli, it is very important for consumers to actively participate. Customers are consistent in buying, wearing and recollecting habits, embedding commodity and technology experiences in branded products. Case: Wanlilu progressive film: Use the progressive film test shelf to allow customers to experience the benefits of progressive film.

4. Trial and completion of the promotion process

Pilot trials can be conducted between salespersons.

5. Effortless and flexible use, so that practice makes perfect.

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