Recently, pictures of Hebei traffic policemen wearing anti-caries nasal air purifiers have been hotly debated on the Internet. In fact, various “hit-proof” artifacts have long been sought after by people. At the 2014 China (Beijing) Transnational Technology Transfer Conference, Chinese medicine was healthy. Industrial Co., Ltd. and a foreign company signed a nasal filter sales agreement in mainland China, nasal cavity filter officially entered the Chinese market; and recently held in Beijing Science and Technology Week, claimed to be able to filter 99% PM2.5 "nose mask" caused A lot of visitors noticed that these anti-snoring artifacts are so gods? Experts explained that these devices have a certain effect of filtering PM2.5 and other particulate matter, but long-term wear is likely to create resistance to respiration, and long-term wear is not recommended.

More types, prices ranging from tens to hundreds

The reporter entered a search for a “nasal filter” on a shopping website. The results showed that the number of searched products was close to 400, and in terms of function, it also contained dust, anti-vehicle exhaust, anti-odor, etc. From tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars, nasal filters sell for more than 20 yuan, and one nasal air purifier that claims to have anti-fog and allergy effects is priced at 236 yuan.

Manufacturers said that it can effectively filter particulates without any unpleasant reactions

Does the nasal filter really have the effect of filtering PM2.5 and other particulates? The reporter then contacted a nasal filter company. The company said that its nasal filter uses an innovative, high-tech nasal filter that combines a special structure with a special biogel and can play two roles. The helical structure of the nasal filter creates a cyclone to the inhaled air, which pushes the airborne particles along the inner wall of the filter and ensures that there is no obvious airflow resistance during breathing.

Second, the biogel attached inside the nasal filter has electrostatic and strong viscosities and can firmly trap particles in the air. In addition, thanks to the mechanical absorption principle, this product eliminates the need for traditional textile filter materials and allows users to breathe clean air freely and easily.

On this basis, the product's CE test report indicates that the product is in the air flow rate of 70-95lpm (liter/minute) (belongs to manual labor or strenuous exercise conditions): PM10-PM1 (including PM2.5) average filtration The rate is about 60% and the highest can reach 90%.

As for the material used in the product, the company said in an interview with reporters that the nasal cavity filter is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE biocompatibile) material that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe, and soft to the touch, taking into account the safety and comfort of the product. The mixture is a TPE mixture suitable for medical use, and the gel has also passed the biocompatibility test to determine that it is not cytotoxic, does not irritate the nasal mucosa, and is not sensitized.

Expert doubts

Is the nasal filter effective?

The filter effect is not related to the material itself

According to a reporter on a shopping website, a nasal cavity cleaner claims that the materials used are polycarbonate, non-woven fabrics, and medical silicone. Whether the so-called anti-caries artifacts have many of the declared effects, the East China University of Science and Technology fine chemical research Professor Shen Yongjia explained that whether effective filtration of PM2.5 and other particulate matter is actually not related to the material itself. Taking this product as an example, polycarbonate itself has a variety of forms, such as water dispenser bucket is made of polycarbonate. The filter effect is mainly determined by the membrane made of the material. If the pore size of the membrane filter material is small enough, it can indeed play the role of filtering PM2.5 and other particulate matter. In general, similar instruments are used to remove PM2.5 and other particulate matter by a physical method of filtration, that is, blocking some of the harmful substances through a filter medium. Yao Yaozhen, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Third Hospital of Peking University, said that similar devices have not been clinically validated, so it is not clear whether or not it has the filtering effect and product safety.

Is it comfortable and safe to wear?

Insufficient air flow causes hypoxia in the body

Chen Chongxue, director of Otolaryngology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, told reporters that wearing similar devices will affect the normal breathing of the human body. In terms of filtering principles, the nasal filter is similar to the N95 mask and contains a carbon sheet that can filter out some viruses and fine particles (including PM2.5, PM10, etc.). This kind of filtering mainly depends on a very small aperture. However, the tiny apertures in the filter part of the fine particles, but also will produce resistance to the flow of gas, this resistance will lead to the body's own gas flow is insufficient. “Nasal filters and other devices generally cause the body’s gas flow to be at least halved. The lack of gas flow can easily lead to hypoxia in the body. This may cause long-term memory loss, high blood pressure, etc., and may adversely affect the heart. Because of this, we do not agree that people wear nasal filters and similar devices." Shen Yongjia also said that if similar devices or masks can filter PM2.5 and PM10 and other harmful gases, which means that the material's aperture is extremely small, accordingly , It will also cause resistance to the body's breathing, but also cause human discomfort.

"The so-called nasal cavity filters, nasal cleansers, etc. are mostly propaganda means for businesses. They don't approve of wearing medicine. Especially for those who have respiratory diseases themselves, they are not recommended to wear them." In addition to the lack of human body gas flow, Chen Chongxue said that wearing nasal filters and other devices may also cause numerous effects on the human body. In addition to the hygienic condition of the appliance itself, the similar device is placed directly in the nasal cavity, and it is also easy to damage the nasal mucosa, resulting in secondary infection.

Hot questions and answers

Masks are relatively ideal

Q: If you encounter severe weather conditions or other situations where you need to wear similar devices, since masks and similar devices have filtration effects, considering safety and other factors, how do people choose?

Chen Chongxue: Masks are a relatively good choice if you encounter bad weather or other situations that need to be worn. Compared with nasal filters and the like, the area of ​​the mask is much larger, which increases the area where the gas flow enters. Although it will also affect the gas flow to a certain extent, it will not cause a significant shortage of human body gas flow. The most important point is that some masks with smaller apertures can also serve to filter some of the finer particles.

From the standpoint of antivirus and PM2.5 effects, the N95 mask is worth recommending. The carbon film contained in it can filter out PM2.5-sized particles, and it also has the effect of anti-virus, compared to some other claims. The mask that can prevent PM2.5 is up to psychological comfort. The protective effect of the mask and the materials used also have a direct relationship. Similar to medical masks, dust masks, etc., in fact, these problems cannot be solved. For example, some medical masks Contains activated carbon that can adsorb some odors and act as a barrier, but the ability to filter suspended particles is limited.

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