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The limit speed problem of TIMKEN imported bearings and the essence of noise

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-06-05

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(1) The rolling sound of the bearing and its control method The rolling track sound is a kind of slippery movement when the TIMKEN imported bearing works; its rolling body is rolled on the raceway surface; it is the unique feature of all rolling bearings. The basic sound. The usual bearing sound is the rolling sound plus other movements. The ball bearing's rolling sound is irregular; the frequency is above 1000Hz; its main frequency is not changed with the speed; but its total sound pressure level The speed is accelerated to add a bearing with a large rolling sound; the sound pressure level of the raceway sound is reduced with the addition of the viscosity, and the bearing with a small rolling sound; the sound pressure level is increased to a viscosity of about 20 mm 2 /s or more. Time; from reduction to increase. The rigidity of the bearing seat is greater; the lower the total sound pressure level of the raceway sound. For example, the radial clearance is too long. The method of controlling the sound of the raceway is to select a low-noise bearing, that is, a bearing with a small waviness; carefully select the operating conditions. The raceway sound often affects the noise of the entire machine; Sound can cut the noise of the entire machine.
(2) Impact sound of the rolling body and its control method Larger type of ball bearing or cylindrical roller bearing under low-speed operation under pure radial load; because the centrifugal force of the rolling body is abrupt寤鞅3 芑蚬龅 Indigo 3. 鲈肷. But as the speed of rotation progresses; this movement will disappear. The control method of the roll impact sound is: properly reduce the radial clearance; use reasonable layout and the information has TIMKEN imported bearings for the sturdy cage.
(3) The rolling noise of the bearing and its control method The rolling sound is the sharp metal conflict sound of the cylindrical roller bearing which can be attacked in all occasions; most of them occur in the larger type of bearing with smooth grease; Deteriorated smooth fat is more prone to attack; it does not occur when the oil is smooth. In addition; it is easy to attack in winter; when it receives pure radial load; it is easy to attack when the radial clearance is large; The same; it is easy to attack in a certain range of speed; it will be intermittent and intermittent. The unique processing method of the outer ring raceway can avoid the appearance of rolling sound; if necessary, the bearing can be used; or cut appropriately The radial clearance of the bearing; the use of excellent smooth grease and the rigidity of the bearing with the bearing.
Each type of bearing is depicted with a common deletion process. Regardless of the bearing type; the bearing must be uniquely carefully removed. If it is not properly handled; it can damage the bearing; the shaft or casing; requires expensive repairs. About smaller bearings There is a driver who can assist the bearing to be removed, etc.. About the tight fit; or press; or has been locked in a shaft local; can not mechanically remove the bearing puller; TIMKEN imported bearings can be heated inside the ring; Heat lamps or other heating equipment can be used. If it is a torch; it will change the function of the bearing steel and the bearing must be thrown away.
The reason for the increase in bearing temperature is (1). The bearing cools in the water.
(2). The oil quality is deteriorated; the oil itself is not clean or the oil is degraded during work; if the water is added in the oil, the acidity of the oil will increase; the smoothing effect of the oil will be lowered; the bearing bush will be corroded; and the bearing temperature will rise.
When the bearing temperature rises, when the bearing temperature rises; the first discriminant can be mishandled; if it is indeed raised; the following should be done:
(1). Check the water pressure of the cooling water; whether the water flow and the pipeline system can be normal. If the water pressure is low, it can be blocked by the filter; if it can not be disposed of in time; it can be stopped; when it is admitted that it can work;
(2). Should check the oil pressure of the governor; if the oil pressure is low, the cooling water hydraulic valve can be closed.
(3). Check if the bearing can have abnormal sound; and check whether the bearing swing can be abnormal.
(4). Take oil samples to investigate whether the oil color can be changed; and carry out tests to see if it can be changed. If you admit to deterioration, you should stop replacing new oil.
(5). Check if the oil level oil level is normal; if it is abnormal; check if the oil drain valve can be closed. If it is closed, it should be replenished; if it is leaking oil, it should be stopped.
When we use TIMKEN to import bearings; if it is found that the temperature is very high; then quickly stop the equipment operation; then find out the reason; and according to the above-mentioned supply treatment plan; but because of the cause of bearing heat The same; so the method of processing is not the same; so it is still to be detailed in detail; with the assistance of the technical staff to complete.
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