Electrical safety belts are safety devices that prevent electricians from falling when working. The steps to wear are as follows:

Step one: Check the seat belt

Hold the D-ring on the seatbelt's back pad to ensure that the webbing is not entangled.

Step 2: Start wearing seat belts

Slide the seat belt over your shoulders. Ensure all webbing is free from tangles and hang freely. Shoulder straps must remain vertical and not near the center of the body.

The third step: leg webbing

Grab the leg bands and connect them to the buckles on the webbing on both sides of the hips. Pass the excess length of webbing into the adjustment ring.

Step 4: Chest webbing

The chest straps are connected together with a pull-on buckle. The chest strap must be 15 cm below the shoulder. Excess length of webbing is threaded into the adjustment ring.

Step 5: Adjust the seat belt

Shoulder: Adjust the webbing of the entire body from the shoulders to ensure that the height of the webbing is just below the buttocks and the back D-ring is between the shoulder blades.
Legs: Then adjust the leg webbing, try to do a single leg extension and a half turn, adjust the use of both sides of the same length of the webbing legs.
Chest: The chest web must cross the middle of the chest and approximately 3 feet from the bottom of the sternum guide a wide distance.

A full-body seat belt that is properly worn and adjusted can effectively break down the impact force throughout the body and provide some suspension support and crash relief.

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