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I recently bought a house with the help of my family and found that it was a headache to buy a wardrobe. Customized, after the installation, the basic stereotype can not be changed, you have to quickly place an order; buy the finished product, but you can wait for other decoration parts to complete slowly, but not the size is small, it is difficult to make full use of the space. And immediately to the furniture season, I am worried that I will miss this good time.

Promotions during the peak season do not necessarily save money

“Golden September and Silver 10” is the popular law in the furniture industry. In fact, it is objectively analyzed that this law does not only exist in the furniture industry. In the peak season, the market demand is large. According to the relationship between supply and demand, buying or customizing the wardrobe in the peak season may not be the cheapest time of the year, but consumers generally believe that the promotion is concentrated during this time, and the merchants just use this psychology in terms of promotion. Huge, can't simply judge whether it is "the most cost-effective time."

However, according to the law of the furniture industry, before the middle and early August, it belongs to the off-season, and the decoration family is relatively small. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal, the merchants need to dump the products in the first half of the year in the off-season. At this time, the preferential strength should be considerable.

However, after September, as orders increased, merchant orders entered a semi-saturated state, and the strength of the offer was naturally smaller than the previous period. On the contrary, the off-season with a high inventory rate may have more concessions.

Master bedroom wardrobe is customized and more mainstream

Tangle the custom closet or finished wardrobe, the only thing that needs to be considered is whether it suits your home. Some people mentioned that the price of custom wardrobes is high, and it is more cost-effective to buy finished wardrobes. At present, the price of finished wardrobes with better quality should be around 4,000-10,000 yuan, including the cost of various hardware. The custom-made wardrobe is about 1000-2000 yuan / square meter, according to the ordinary 3 square meters, the price gap is not large, and the finished wardrobe usually has the largest three doors, usually less than 3 square meters.

Therefore, we usually recommend that the master bedroom use a custom closet is more cost-effective, because the custom closet can make full use of the existing space according to the specific type of room, and as a common wardrobe, enough space is very necessary. The finished wardrobe is often found in the guest bedroom, its use rate is not high, the space requirements are small, and it can be moved indoors at will, which is more convenient. Most finished wardrobes can be disassembled, but the number is not too much. It is recommended to disassemble only once. If you consider moving often, the handling of the finished wardrobe is not easy, and the custom wardrobe is not much different.

However, the finished wardrobe has a precaution, it must pay attention to its paint. The quality finished wardrobe is more water-based paint, etc. It is more environmentally safe, and the finished wardrobe with very low price may use ordinary or even inferior paint for long-term use. Especially in the bedroom, it has a greater impact on health.

Customized wardrobes beware of conflicts with home improvement styles

When choosing a custom closet, consumers are often prone to such mistakes. In the early days, they may not have a general concept of the design of the whole home. When choosing the style and color of the wardrobe, it is based on the quality of the time, but as the decoration progresses, It is very likely that the overall style of the wardrobe and the interior does not match, and there is almost no remedy. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers think about the style of interior design before customizing the wardrobe. If there is no designer, you can do your homework in advance and collect your favorite. Interior design pictures, from which to choose a uniform style of wardrobe design, this will not be too outrageous.

Plate is the core competitiveness of the wardrobe

When choosing a wardrobe, you will mention problems such as moisture protection, which mainly involves the process of the wardrobe, and the competitiveness of the wardrobe core is actually from the board.

At present, there are three main types of wardrobe panels, high-density panels, Daxing panels and solid wood panels. Of course, if the funds are sufficient, the solid wood board is the best in environmental protection and shape, and the price is also the most expensive, so ordinary people choose less solid wood wardrobes. The Daxing board is actually made of particle board and glue. It is far less plastic and environmentally friendly than high-density board. In general, high-density board is a recommended material.