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With the popularity of online shopping, many young people are keen to buy furniture online. On the one hand, the style of the Internet is very fashionable, on the other hand, the price is much more favorable than the physical store. And the door-to-door delivery, as well as the special person responsible for the installation, which makes the work pace of the fast, no time to renovate the young people shouting "convenient." But with the cheap, the quality is not enough. Therefore, when shopping online, you must examine the comprehensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Most of Ms. Han’s furniture is purchased online, and she has a lot of experience in online shopping. "We both went to work, usually did not have time to go shopping in the mall, when the hard work is not over, went to a home store together, there is no one to watch the sofa." Ms. Han said, the price of the sofa in the mall They are relatively tall, and they are more suitable for middle-aged people. So she and her husband started to look for sofas on the Internet. "In the end, we chose the sofa for less than 4,000 yuan, the quality is very good, and there are storage functions. We are very Satisfied." With this experience, Ms. Han bought a leather bed online. "The leather beds in the mall are almost 10,000 yuan. Our bed is less than 3,000 yuan. Only the bed is leather, but young. People use enough. According to the person who installed it, several of our community have bought this kind of bed, which shows that online shopping is more popular now.” But not all online shopping is successful, and the TV cabinet makes Ms. Han very depressed. "I bought it in the spring. After a damp summer, the wooden panels of the TV cabinet swelled and there was a drawer that couldn’t be opened directly." Ms. Han said that because the factory is far away from Guangdong, I want to find a sale and later repair it.

Market Quote: The online price is cheaper than the store. Just the comparison price, the same European bedding needs 10,000 yuan in the store, and the online price may need 6,000 yuan. The price difference leads many customers to buy online. , but the quality of the goods is difficult to guarantee.

Note: Ren Kui said that online shopping we have tried, big or small, the same wardrobe needs tens of thousands of dollars in the store, and only a few thousand dollars on the Internet, we must consult carefully when buying. Avoid buying poor quality furniture; it is recommended to go to the official website provided by the store to check the quality of the product when picking up the goods.

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How to distinguish environmentally friendly furniture?

In the current home decoration, in addition to the aesthetic requirements of home furnishing, the awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. Sun Tianyu, designer of Qingdao Aibangke Decoration Co., teaches you how to distinguish environmentally friendly furniture.

The choice of environmentally friendly furniture depends first on raw materials. As the basic raw material for home decoration, furniture manufacturing and even doors and windows, ceilings, etc. - blockboard (commonly known as large core board), if used improperly, it is most prone to environmental problems. After the furniture is completed, the large core board has been covered by the outer decorative material, and the quality of the board is not easy to be discovered, resulting in a large number of toxic "cores" hidden in the furniture. When the furniture made of large core sheets with high formaldehyde content is moved into the house, the formaldehyde released will irritate the eyes, nose and other organs, which may cause abnormal lung function, liver function and immune function. The first choice for buying a large core board depends on whether it is a regular manufacturer's product. Check the manufacturer's trademark, production address, anti-counterfeiting mark and test report. Generally, the regular manufacturers produce test reports. The lower the detection value of formaldehyde, the better. . In addition, it depends on the appearance of the sheet, whether it is flat, whether there is warpage, deformation, depression, etc.; again, observe whether the core strip inside the sample sheet is even and tidy, whether the core strip has decay, breakage, wormhole, thrift and so on. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the large core board with good appearance quality is also better.

According to the material, furniture can be divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan furniture and so on. Regardless of the material of the furniture, you can check the relevant quality inspection report at the time of purchase to ensure that the furniture you purchase is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Pure solid wood furniture is scarce, and the formaldehyde content is also the least. The common type of furniture on the market is panel furniture. Buying plate furniture first smells the smell. When you buy it, you should open the door or the drawer to smell it. If there is a pungent smell, it may be that the formaldehyde is exceeding the standard. Secondly, the edge of the brand, the veneer of the brand plate furniture is mostly processed, and the seal is good. While letting the harmful gas spread to a minimum; once again, look at the certificate, look at the ten-ring certification, and secondly look at the test report to see if the amount of formaldehyde released reaches the E1 standard. Author: Fu Ming real