Author: Guizhou Wujiang River Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhang Yufeng

With the rapid advancement of technology in the manufacturing industry, in order to meet the processing needs of different industries, various multi-axis machine tools have been successively introduced, and the advancement of processing technology reflects the rapid development of the manufacturing industry. But looking back, looking at all kinds of machine tools , I was most impressed by the Top machining center VMC1000 four-axis machining center.

Figure 1 is the front view of the machine, the machine manufacturer Chengdu Top NC limited liability company, the company's large listed companies under the Top Group (TOP GROUP), is a specialized production base of high quality machining centers. In the mid-1990s, the company cooperated with the British famous bridge processing center manufacturer Bridgeport (Bridge Fort) machine tool manufacturing company, applying British Bridgeport (Bridge Fort) world-class machining center manufacturing technology, the production is designed to replace the Chinese machine tool market. High-quality CNC machine tools for medium and high-end imported machine tools .

Figure 1 Top view of the Top VMC1000 machining center

Top VMC1000 processing center work surface for the X-axis 1000mm, Y axis 600mm, Z axis 560mm, for the size specifications of the machine for machining centers at home and abroad can have all the characteristics of the machine, but the machine I use at the The repeatability of the machine tool is very high, and the machine tool has good stability. It is mainly reflected in the repeatability of the X-axis within 800mm, which can reach 0.008mm, and the repeatability of the Y-axis within 500mm can reach 0.005mm. Figure 2 shows the work surface of the device.

Figure 2 Countertop

Another good advantage of the Top VMC1000 machining center is that the detachable four-axis can not be disassembled for the four-axis of most equipments. The accuracy after disassembly cannot meet the factory precision requirements, and the four-axis of the equipment can be assembled and disassembled at any time. The accuracy is not affected, and the four-axis four-link machining can be performed on the device. Due to the four-axis detachable function of the device, the utilization rate of the device is high, and the cutting space available for the work table is large. Figure 3 shows the four axes after disassembly.

Figure 3 Disassembled four-axis

There are some perfect advantages for this machine , but there are also some shortcomings. There are two main ones: First, the tool library is a vertical tool library. The tool library has a limited load capacity and cannot fill all the tools when the machine is running. See Figure 4. Second, the machine memory is too small, the amount of loading program is limited. For a slightly larger surface machining program, only a part of the program can be deleted and then imported into the subsequent processing program. Although the company uses online processing using DNC networking, Still a lack.

Figure 4 VMC1000 tool magazine