The feng shui layout of the study is related to whether the career of the family and the family is smooth, and whether the school can make a grand plan. It is the study of Feng Shui in the study that requires special attention. How to lay out the desks and bookcases in the study room, in order to enjoy the good feng shui, avoid the feng shui taboo of the study, just remember the following points.

Study Feng Shui layout: study.

The study of Feng Shui in the study is focused on gathering gas, so the study should not be too big. And the study must have doors and windows to ensure the ideal lighting and ventilation, but the desk must not face the window to avoid distracting debris.

Study Feng Shui layout: desk.

The desk should be backed by the wall and should be placed against the wall so that it can be relied upon and appreciated in the unit or school. The desk should be oriented towards the position of Wenquxing. You can use Wenquxing to help improve your academic performance. You should avoid facing the door and you can't rush to the door to make your mind unclear.

The Feng Shui layout of the study: bookcase.

The bookcase is simple to use, as long as it is opposite to the desk. The so-called "desk sitting, the bookcase is fierce", the bookcase placed in the unlucky position can live the ominous and avoid disasters.

The study Feng Shui knowledge is not chaotic, as long as the above points are properly placed, it is a good study Feng Shui layout. Have you learned?