Small apartment decoration tips In the face of high housing prices, more and more people are starting to choose small-family homes, especially for those who have just started working. Small-sized units seem to be a good choice. How can we use limited space to store more things? How can you visually enlarge your space?

1. The most basic feature of the use of partitioned small units is the small space. Designers are more admired to make small apartment renovations by breaking through the partitions. The entire room is divided into multiple areas by using hollow plates, so that the division of the different functional areas in the room is more structured and functional, which expands the space of small-sized houses.

2, open-plan pattern If the room is small, it is better to try an open pattern, so as to broaden their horizons, but also from the psychological experience to enlarge the entire room area, so that small units no longer small.

3, to simplify your furniture small apartment furnishings can not be too much, do not have too much decoration processing, just use the combination of furniture, color matching, storage tools, etc., can make the room in perfect order. When necessary, it is also possible to prepare some folding furniture at home, such as a folding bed, a folding chair, a folding table, etc. Occasionally, there are friends who come and go.

4, clever use of light-colored enlarged space in the choice of decoration color, do not choose dark and depressing tone, to choose more light and light colors, windows should be as flush with the outer wall, the proliferation of windows can To enlarge the effect of indoor space.

5, neat table small utensils at home must have small items that brighten up, small pieces of utensils is a good choice. Cutlery utensils should be based on small pieces, preferably glass with bright colors, and the visual sensation will be cleaner and more tidy.

6. The use of a mirror mirror at the entrance can achieve the effect of visually magnifying the interior space. Placing a large mirror at the entrance not only makes it easier for you to finish the appearance of the instrument in front of the door, but also can enlarge the viewing angle when entering the door. But remember, the mirror can't be facing the door. This is not favorable from feng shui. The mirror at the entrance should pick the right angle so that the light can shine into the interior of the room.

Move your hands together to enlarge your home space!