1. Be careful not to damage the original waterproof layer when renovating hydropower:

Generally speaking, as long as the new owner of the decoration owner has passed the quality inspection, it has already made a waterproof layer, but many decoration owners will transform the layout of the bathroom and the water supply and drainage pipeline when the hydropower transformation is carried out. Therefore, consumers must supervise the construction. Emphasize to the decoration workers not to damage the original waterproof layer. If it is forced to destroy the original waterproof layer, it must be repaired in time, or even redo waterproofing to ensure that no leakage will occur.

2. Purchase the correct waterproof material:

The waterproof material recommended by the Ministry of Construction is a one-component environmentally-friendly polyurethane coating, mainly because it can tightly enclose the pipe and the ground, penetrate into the gap, and does not shrink after drying. It is more suitable than rigid materials such as waterproof cement. In the bathroom, there are many small-sized houses with many pipes and gaps. The cost of this kind of paint per square meter is about 50~60 yuan, which is the price that the general decoration owners can bear.

3, can not paint waterproof material in rainy days:

In order to have a good waterproof effect, the waterproof coating must be painted three times. The dry period of the one-component environmentally-friendly polyurethane coating is about 3~4 days. If the waterproof material is applied in the rainy day, the effect of the waterproof coating is Not very good. \

4, do the ground waterproof:

Before paving the floor tiles, it is necessary to do a waterproof project; after the tiles are laid, it is necessary to ensure that the brick surface has a water discharge slope (generally about 1%), and the slope faces the floor drain, which is beneficial to wastewater discharge.

5, do a good wall waterproof:

When the bathroom is bathed, it will splash water to the adjacent wall. If there is no waterproof layer protection, the partition wall and the opposite corner wall will be mild and mildewed. Therefore, it is necessary to make the wall waterproof before the wall tile is applied. Generally, the wall surface should be waterproofed to 30 cm in height, but the non-load-bearing light wall should be waterproof. At least To be 1.8 meters high.

6, must do waterproof inspection:

After the waterproofing project is finished, in order to be safe, it is still necessary to do waterproof inspection. If the waterproof inspection is unqualified, it must not be made. The construction team should redo the waterproof project. If there are conditions, you can ask the professional decoration person to help supervise the waterproof project. Going on.