From the first-line market, view the local autumn household consumption trends-

Compared with the home improvement market, first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are relatively mature places in the domestic home furnishing industry. Recently, the Beijing Youth Daily conducted a detailed market survey on the local area, which can provide some insight into the peak season market. Judging from the reflection of cutting-edge trends, there are many places in the Central Plains market that can be used for reference, and the consumer market can also find some consumer tactics in this survey.

Home improvement is not only cheap

Strength, brand, reputation

There is an average price for buying a house. What is the average price of decoration that you are willing to spend? In this survey, 42% of the survey participants are willing to spend an average price of 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan for decoration, and 29% of the survey respondents chose an average price of 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan per square meter. The desire for average prices is not decreasing in accordance with the price trend, but the most choices are concentrated in the mid-range price, not so generous, it should be said that consumers are more sensible in the decoration budget, not just trying to save money. The issue of deciding factors in choosing a home improvement company also confirms this attitude of consumers.

The price, the component of choice, has been reduced to only 2% of the choice factor. The brand and word of mouth have become the key to choice. In terms of careful selection of details, if the brand degree is not well understood, consumers will rely on the size of the storefront and the quality of employees to identify. 35% of the survey participants believe that not only stick to big brands of home improvement companies, but as long as there are The storefront, even an unknown decoration company will choose. The ranking of the "guerrillas" was greatly reduced, and they were basically thrown out of the door. "Guerrilla" trust reached a record low, only 1% of survey participants said they would choose it for home improvement.


Obtaining consumers through low prices is obviously no longer a "killer", and quality is the last word. Some companies that promote low-cost home improvement have not been able to gain a better reputation in recent years, mainly because of "roughness." The quality problems after home improvement bothered consumers and affected the quality of life. Therefore, they abandoned the attitude of "how fast and space-saving decoration", consumers are more willing to get real decoration.

Building materials choose "passive to active" quality and environmental protection

In the survey, the largest data support rate comes from "98% of the survey participants said that during the decoration stage, regardless of whether they accept the building materials provided by the home improvement company, they will take the initiative to go to the building materials market to" understand the market ". It was found that the market consumption is becoming more rational, and consumers in the building materials field are no longer being led by home improvement companies. One-way promotions and low-cost cuts in building materials merchants are not very effective. Most consumers want to take the initiative.

Among them, 12% of the survey participants said that they would buy building materials entirely by themselves, 17% of the survey respondents said that they would buy some of the building materials themselves, and 69% of the survey respondents said that although they believed in the construction materials provided by home improvement companies, they would still take the initiative to understand the market Happening.


Most consumers are not experts in building materials, and even have little contact with building materials before decoration, but decoration can also train consumers to quickly become experts. In determining the quality of decoration and building materials that can be dominated by themselves, it is clear that consumers are no longer willing to be led by home improvement companies, but take the initiative to join the market to understand and choose.

Telephone promotion: annoying but effective

The peer-to-peer telephone promotion was once known as a long-term means of selling businesses, home improvement companies, and building materials promotion activities. At present, what is the degree of acceptance and recognition in the consumer market? I believe that companies that spend a lot of investment in short-message phone platforms and terminal community promotion are also issues that they pay close attention to.

In this survey by the Beijing Youth Daily, 69% of the survey participants said that they had received a promotional call from a home improvement company and thought they could choose some of them for reference, in other words, these are "" The "harassment of the phone" worked. 6% of the survey participants said they received similar calls but chose to ignore them.


For a decoration company, a promotional phone with a certain pertinence is a convenient and economical sales channel. But as far as the average consumer is concerned, receiving unsolicited SMS or phone calls is still a matter of being disturbed or the information is violated, so if a home improvement company chooses this way to win consumers, it will also need to think about whether it will backfire.

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