Is mahogany furniture waxed or painted? This problem has caused a lot of noise in the mahogany industry recently. When the reporter visited the mahogany furniture market, he found that this problem also embarrassed many consumers. But someone who knows the mahogany industry still told reporters to buy mahogany furniture must be waxed, do not buy lacquered.

In the interview, the reporter found that many consumers who are not familiar with mahogany tend to paint mahogany furniture between painting and waxing. When asking the reason, the reason why 'painting can protect furniture from damage' is more In addition, the 'feeling painted mahogany furniture is more shiny and beautiful' is also an important reason, and many consumers have expressed that they do not know that mahogany furniture has two methods of waxing and lacquering, thinking that all furniture is It is painted.

In a mahogany furniture store, the reporter found that most of them were painted mahogany furniture, and only three or four pieces were waxed. The staff in the store started to sell mahogany furniture to reporters, and asked if the reporter had any knowledge of the mahogany home before? The reporter said that it was unclear, indicating that the newly purchased house wanted to be decorated in a simple Chinese style, so he wanted to buy a set of mahogany furniture. When the clerk strongly recommended a set of Laos red rosewood sofa to the reporter, the reporter said that the waxed mahogany furniture was introduced in the previous store. The staff rejected the waxing method and even quoted the redwood expert Pu Mr. Anguo's statement that “painting is more suitable for mahogany furniture for waxing” means that painting mahogany furniture can effectively prevent cracking and deformation of mahogany, and daily maintenance is also simple and convenient. It can also effectively prevent external environmental influences and truly reflect the mahogany furniture ’s Collection value. After the reporter also proposed the term "bagging", the staff member told the reporter that the painter's home had the protection of paint, so he did not need the bagging, and euphemistically told the reporter that the painter's furniture could not produce bagging.

Consumers who are more familiar with the mahogany furniture market say that painted furniture has more than a fatal problem of fraud. Another problem is the formation of 'bagging'. It is simply nonsense that lacquered furniture does not need to be grouted. Because grouting can not only protect furniture but also have an aesthetic effect, and it can also complement the sense of history of mahogany furniture, it is very popular. I love it, but after the painted mahogany furniture is isolated from oxygen, the grease in the wood cannot be secreted or oxidized, and the pulp cannot be formed.

In addition, senior mahogany furniture consumers also advise consumers who are new to the mahogany furniture market not to hold the idea that "painting is more suitable for mahogany furniture than waxing." This is a silly and naive idea. There is no such thing as an "expert" in the mahogany furniture market. When buying mahogany furniture, you must first understand the knowledge of mahogany, or bring a friend who knows how to buy it. After all, mahogany furniture is an expensive consumer product, and you may be deceived if you are not careful.
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