In the past 2011, for the vast majority of investments, bitterness was only a cold and warm self-knowledge, whether it was a very popular bank wealth management product, or a crazy rise in gold at the beginning of the year, and a usury that was full of bubbles in the end. The rosewood furniture that has been rising since 2009 has caught up with the last train of this sad reminder at the tail of 2011. Different investors have different views on whether the price of Redwood will continue to repeat the tragedy of 2007.

True fall

Reason 1: Raw material price reduction

The priceless market situation in the raw material market will continue. Since 2007, scarcity factors and the promotion of hot money have led to a surge in mahogany raw materials. At present, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the mahogany furniture market is extremely strong, making mahogany raw materials in a priceless market, and buyers and sellers continue to stalemate. In addition, under the trend of rising "innovation" in the industry, the "material scarcity theory" will gradually be diluted with new materials, which will further affect the decline in the price of mahogany raw materials.

Reason two: the withdrawal of hot money

The bursting of the redwood industry bubble is directly related to the withdrawal of hot money. The industry pointed out. The "Wenzhou Corps" was once the main force driving the rise of domestic mahogany furniture, but since the second half of 2010, investors in Wenzhou began to gradually cash out shipments, and investors in various places have also intensified divestments. In addition, it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises that are mainly speculating on timber to survive.

Liu Cheng, a doctoral tutor at the School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Science and Technology, believes that in the face of changes in the mahogany furniture market, investment risks are beginning to show. Some prophetic investors have begun to evacuate on a large scale, and slow-moving hot money is in a difficult situation to evacuate.

Reason three: market reshuffle

According to industry experts' prediction: "The mahogany industry shuffle has already started ahead of schedule. In 2012, the industry will face a big shuffle, and will continue to shuffle for 2 to 3 years, staged a brutal competition for the survival of the fittest." There are now 13,000 people nationwide There are many companies, but there are less than 50 well-known brand companies. If you want to occupy a favorable position in the market, you must build a good brand.

Fake Pie

Reason 1: Raw material prices continue to rise

In the national mahogany furniture professional town of Dayong Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, Xiao Zhaoxing, chairman of the Mahogany Furniture Association, said that raw material prices continue to rise, making mahogany furniture price reduction space very small. According to the purchase of raw materials by manufacturers in Dayong, the prices of various mahogany raw materials have not fallen, and they have been growing at a rate of 10% to 20% every year. In addition, labor costs have been increasing rapidly, and the wages of workers have also increased at a rate of more than 10% each year.

Reason two: falling prices are a "conspiracy" of hot money

Some people believe that as a resource-based product, mahogany's output has been declining, especially when the market price has become more reasonable. If there is another plunge, it will be completely inconsistent with the market law. Moreover, the prices of almost all commodities, including food, vegetables, and commodities, have risen in recent times, except that the price of mahogany has fallen, which is somewhat unreasonable. "Therefore, this is very likely to be a 'conspiracy', and the sky-high mahogany in 2007 does not rule out its reappearance."

Reason 3: The price drop is just a "fake fall"

"I'm not in a hurry, it may rise this year, and it has risen quite a lot. I estimate it will reach more than 20,000." Ren Bo, who has been operating log processing in Dongxing, Guangxi for many years, told reporters that both large and powerful enterprises and businesses After clenching his teeth, the previously backlog of wood will generally not be sold at a reduced price, because the price of rosewood rose again after the downturn in the 2008 financial crisis, and many people are still optimistic about this year's rosewood market. Unlike small businesses that are eager to sell off, some large investors are still preparing to take risks and take advantage of the opportunity.

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