With the development of modern decoration, more and more people are more willing to design their own homes by referring to model houses. For a space of 180 square meters, how to design is more comfortable and comfortable? How to design better? Today we have renovated by 180 square meters sample room design is recommended to learn from, as well as 180 square meters of renovation renderings enjoy Oh! Let's take a look together.

180 square meters decoration model room design recommended 180 square meters decoration renderings to enjoy

180 square meters decoration renderings appreciation

Why do many people spend a lot of money on the decoration of the master bedroom, because the master bedroom is the place to provide people with the best rest environment. For the large size of 180, this is a more fantastic master bedroom decoration. The perfect color, full personality double bed plus each piece of personalized jewelry in the house, constitutes the ultimate perfection.

180 square meters decoration renderings appreciation

The living room is the guest's first impression of the owner's house. It can be said that the living room is the owner's facade. The design of a good living room makes people feel brighter. This large-sized ornate living room design uses glass to give the living room a sense of transparency and modern atmosphere.

180 square meters decoration renderings appreciation

This is a rare style, European pastoral style living room, fine details of work, a perfect embodiment of the elegance and elegance of the European nobility. Can live in such a room, taste also followed up.

180 square meters decoration renderings appreciation

The whole wall of the living room is used to make racks and ornaments with a wide range of colors. It has a lively atmosphere and a warm family atmosphere. This kind of design does not seem crowded, but gives people a sense of fashion.

180 square meters decoration renderings appreciation

The dandelion-shaped chandelier is very creative and beautiful, as if a wind blows out of the window and blows it away. The green pots placed around to add a fresh feeling to the living room. This design is very suitable for young people's tastes, even if the 180 square meters large room does not occupy too much space.

180 square meters decoration decoration design

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Stainless Steel Thin Wall Welded Pipes

1. Grade: 304, 304L,316, 316L etc. 
2. OD Size:15-108MM. 
3. Standards: ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN, ISO, GB, etc. 
4. Finish: BA/AP/Polished/MF 
5. Application: Drinking supply, cold and hot water supply, heating supply, fire protection, gas, 

industrial petroleum pipeline system,etc. 
6. Package: Plywood case or Bundles, or as per the requirement of the customer. 

Or with plastic cap to protect both ends.

7. Max work pressure:PN16

material form

Stainless Steel Thin Wall Welded Pipes(DVGW)

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