Which brand of network set-top box is better ? The most important use of the network set-top box is to watch video-like programs, so having a strong network video playback capability is the most important, such as the Taitek Box WEBOX, which is very good in the video playback experience. The following small series simply lists a few brands to let you refer to the network set-top box which brand is good .

1, Taijie WEBOX

I believe that knowing the Internet TV set-top boxes all know the Thai-Thai video, currently the most popular and most popular TV live applications. Taijie WEBOX is a hardware product launched by the company. The main product is video fever, and the network video playback capability is strong. Moreover, the box is optimized through a large number of firmwares to solve problems such as Caton, black screen and flashback on various boxes. Also introduced exclusive pre-cache, the video has not started to broadcast before loading for some time, truly seconds to play. WEBOX operation is also very simple, the interface is only one version, video resource identification is very high, less operational level, more suitable for remote control operation.

2, Mele M8 voice version

Meile has recently introduced a voice set-top box. Voice control is a major highlight of the Mele M8. This is a revolutionary initiative jointly developed by Meile and HKUST. It is the first time that voice control has been perfectly applied to the network set-top box. In terms of manipulation, the operation of the box has become so easy and fun, and moving the mouth to complete almost all operations has truly achieved "say it."

3, Baidu shadow stick 3

Baidu Shadow Stick 3 is a box produced by Baidu. The biggest advantage of Shadow Stick 3 is the configuration of a dedicated game controller. The game is still very good, but the types of games that can run perfectly on the set-top box are still relatively small. This point we need to pay attention to, but it is worthwhile to be more interested in the game.

Information about the network set-top boxes Which brand to introduce here, I hope this article helpful to you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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