Nowadays people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and all kinds of novel home furnishings are born. These products will undoubtedly introduce fashion elements to the home, but they may not be applicable from the actual function of the products. It is difficult to clean and easy to hide. Scale has become a fatal injury to these products. Which sanitary wares can't be bought? Which products are clean and hard-hit areas? Xiaobian gives you a list of sanitary products that you can't buy.

One or two kinds of bathroom hardware that cannot be bought

1, the leader is in trouble

The seemingly cool wall-mounted faucet will also cause trouble for the home. The wall-mounted faucet is sprayed with a basin that is not too close to the wall. Every time the faucet is turned off, the water droplets will drip onto the table. Over time, the table will accumulate. water. 2, the function is too fine

The small-sized space has gradually improved the functional requirements for storage and hardware products. The multi-functional racks and racks have emerged as the times require. They seem to have smooth lines and many functions, but the functions and components of the small pieces make the racks clean and difficult.

Two or three kinds of bathroom tiles that cannot be bought

1. Contamination and dirt

For the lack of lighting, people like white tiles, but the tiles are too small, there are many gaps, here is the favorite place of stains, the white walls are mixed with the grid of various stains, it is very expensive to clean. time.

2, black trap

Some people say that white tiles can't be used, it's ok with black, it's enough to be dirty. In fact, black tiles are more likely to leave traces. Don't mention the water stains left by the daily life. The shoes with dust will go on a glimpse and will leave marks. Therefore, black tiles are definitely a big trap for the selection of bathroom decoration.

3, the defects of the bump

Want to make the bathroom wall a landscape, many people choose the uneven wall design, these decorative tiles look artistic, but cleaning up is to find trouble for themselves.

Three or four kinds of bathroom basins that cannot be bought

1, corner storage vulnerability

In order to highlight the individualized design, many basins on the market will be squared, the lines in the basin are also vertical, and the 90-degree inner angle looks very high-grade, but this is also the place where dirt is the most favorite to hide. It can be hard to scrub. of.

2, transparent troubles

As people's pursuit of fashion is getting higher and higher, many basins are made of transparent glass. Appreciate the value to get the full score, but soap, toothpaste, shower gel and other skin care products like to leave traces on the glass, this time cleaning becomes a problem.

3, slim troubles

The novel basin design abounds. The shallow basin and the long faucet will splash every time. The countertop and the ground are water stains, which makes people feel distressed.

4, the favorite of scale

The combination of dark and glass has become the favorite place for scale residue. It looks stylish and individual, but every day it faces large and small water and scale, and the fashion personality becomes a cloud. Conclusion: The sanitary ware that best suits daily life should be smooth and simple. The overly complex level can give the ware a sense of art, but it is not helpful for daily use and cleaning. If you don't want to hang around in the bathroom every day, try to make it as simple as possible.

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