Wooden door industry transformation ushered in the new foreign trade pattern

Nowadays, the wooden door industry relied on the development of real estate is an uncertain variable. Due to the changes in the upstream property policies, the wooden door industry has also been affected in many ways. Therefore, the wooden door companies need to strengthen the pace of transformation and upgrading, laying the foundation for future development.

Transformation and upgrading will usher in a new foreign trade pattern In recent years, the entire pattern of the domestic wooden door industry is constantly changing. In the past, the wooden door market was in short supply, and now it has changed and become oversupply. The wooden door market has already bid farewell to the era of rapid growth in the past and there is basically an issue of overcapacity.

Wooden Door Industry Diversification There are many specialized markets across the country. At present, there is a pattern of reasonable collocation between producing area type and circulation type, large scale and small and medium scale, comprehensive type and single type. The diversification effect can not only gather most of the wooden door business operators, but also introduce famous domestic and foreign brands.

This change in market conditions has caused manufacturers to focus on the high quality and high technology content of their products. Transformation and upgrading will be the inevitable trend of future industry development. As the competition among enterprises continues to intensify, the profit margins of major companies are compressed, and the survival of enterprises is facing difficulties. The entire international market is also improving the standards of wooden door products, and has put forward more stringent requirements for quality, packaging, and delivery deadlines. Industry insiders pointed out that the transformation and upgrading of China's wooden door products industry will usher in a new foreign trade pattern. The biggest change may be the export of high-tech products will increase.

More intense shuffling tides are known to the public as the typical representative of the traditional industry, the wooden door industry in these two years is not a good day, and the tide of the closure of some traditional companies, no doubt gave this has been full of chilly wooden door industry once more The shock of the heartbreak, a wave of more intense industry reshuffle is surging.

In the past year or two, some small- and medium-sized wooden door dealers with weaker capabilities have started to close stores, some of them are to reduce the scale of operations, and others are simply quitting the market. For the upstream building materials manufacturing industry, the reason why it is in a difficult situation is because of the slump in the domestic real estate market, and at the same time the export is blocked, and the amount of work is reduced; on the other hand, the overall capacity of the building materials industry is excessive, resulting in the overall industry Low profit, reduced risk resistance.

The industry analysts pointed out that the building materials industry, such as wooden doors, has been lacking substantial industry development in recent years, mainly because the products of the entire industry are highly homogenized, making the products less competitive; companies do not pay attention to brand building, and it is difficult to generate brand premiums. How to change, such as wood doors and other building materials industry is still collectively confused.

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