When the vacuum packaging bag is used for a period of time, wrinkles may occur, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the use. Although it is also wrinkled, the reasons for wrinkling are not the same, sometimes it is a raw material problem, and some are caused by improper use. In general, there are many reasons for the wrinkling of vacuum bags, and of course there are corresponding disposal methods.
First, the thickness of the substrate is not uniform, and the thickness difference is too large.
A method of handling the wrinkling of such a vacuum bag: exchanging a film of acceptable quality.
Second, the substrate unwinding skew.
A method of handling the wrinkling of such a vacuum bag: adjusting the orientation of the film so that it does not deflect during transport.
Third, too much glue may be missing, it will occur between the layers of sliding; uneven coating will also cause some wrinkles.
Disposal of this vacuum bag wrinkling method: adjust the amount of glue applied and evenly apply glue.
Fourth, the adhesive is not monotonous, the residual solvent is too much, the adhesion is small, and the two substrates after the compound are displaced.
Disposal of the vacuum packaging bag wrinkling method: adjust the technical parameters, so that the adhesive can be fully monotonous, reducing the residual amount of solvent.
5. The composite film can not be directly received without cooling or cooling, and the high temperature soft composite film is simply wrinkled.

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