As soon as the summer enters, the air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, etc. will start to work. As the temperature continues to rise, the electricity load in our province continues to rise. On June 17, the maximum power load of Henan Power Grid reached 40.13 million kilowatts, the first peak of electricity consumption since the summer of this year. This marks the full entry of Henan Power Grid into the peak summer period of three months. At this time, the small family acquisition station purchased the can crusher and hoped that its own set of electricity consumption was the lowest, saving itself. Xincheng's new can crusher is highly efficient, energy-saving and has many functions. It has become the favorite equipment for many small and medium-sized cans scrap metal purchasing stations. The new cans crusher can withstand the wind and sun, and the new cans crusher has strength. The equipment produced by the manufacturer, a successful transaction is based on mutual trust, how can the two sides work together to build trust? First of all, from the perspective of the seller, there must be real strength. The real object, whether from the quality of the product or the function, must be excellent, so as to attract the attention of the buyer. Xincheng can crusher, whether it is the equipment itself or the price, is definitely a good equipment. Welcome customers to come to the site for inspection!

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'Into the summer Henan also enters the peak period of electricity xcy Xincheng cans crusher energy-saving equipment