The PCB design and development team with excellent background in the Shengshi era, and the excellent PCB copy board design engineer, is a professional copy board company with excellent experience in Shenzhen copy board industry.
Company's business scope and capabilities:
● PCB copy board, PCB cloning, PCB design and development: According to the electrical schematic diagram and structure diagram, we use professional PCB design software design. We have a professional and experienced design team, which can overcome some defects in the current PCB design and wiring, and ensure the design. And the quality of the board copy board. To ensure that the PCB design meets the requirements. ?
We can also copy the board according to the existing PCB board. The PCB drawing copied by the PCB clone is very accurate, and it can be the same as the sample board. The copying cost is low, saving the customer and the production cycle. ● PCB copying PCB cloning, PCB design: We are a PCB design copy board team composed of a group of senior engineers who have designed more than ten years of experience, involving computer, communication, network equipment, mobile phones, digital cameras, instrumentation and other high-tech fields.
● Electronic product PCB design copy board one-stop product service (PCB cloning, board modification, schematic and BOM single production, PCB production, prototype production debugging, small batch processing of one-stop service-oriented enterprises). Save a lot of development time and development costs for those who focus on product marketing, help customers always have a leading edge in the product market and create value for customers.
● Circuit board copy board: It has a very thorough and thorough understanding of the multilayer PCB board. The understanding of the high-end PCB board structure and routing rules including laser holes, blind holes and buried holes is even better. Whether it is component-intensive, computer motherboards, high-end graphics cards, Gigabit network equipment substrates, or high-frequency processing, and low-frequency processing, PHS motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, wireless network cards And other wireless communication equipment, as well as industrial control boards with up to 28 layers and blind holes buried in the hole, we can successfully clone one-off according to the complete set of samples (or prototype) provided by the customer.

service items:
1. Patching and assembly of various intelligent electronic products;
2. Processing of various PCB circuit boards, finished or semi-finished products;
3, all kinds of PCB circuit board copy board (clone). Such as the industrial control board copy board, network communication board copy board, computer motherboard copy board, switch copy board, all kinds of mobile phone board copy board, various monitors, USB, MP3, DVD, tax control machine, cash register, camera, etc. 1-10 layers of high-precision PCB and FPC board for cloning;
4. Proofing and production of various electronic products OEM and ODM.

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High-precision ultra-precision PCB copy board, PCB design, prototype production expert component matching, chip decryption, PCB proofing, prototype production and batch, BOM table production, reverse push schematic