Unsuitable plants in nine types of offices

1, oleander: can secrete a milky white liquid, long contact time will cause people to poison, causing drowsiness, mental decline and other symptoms.

2, mimosa: its body mimosine is a very toxic organic matter, the body will cause hair loss after too much contact.

3, Bauhinia: Pollen emitted by people, such as contact with people for too long, can induce asthma or cough symptoms.

4, the rose: the rich fragrance that is emitted, can cause chest discomfort, suffocation and difficulty breathing.

5, geranium: the particles emitted, such as contact with people, can make people's skin allergic and cause pruritus.

6. Tulip: The flower contains a kind of toxin. If it is exposed for too long, it will accelerate the hair loss.

7, yellow flower rhododendron: flowers contain a toxin, once ingested, light cause poisoning, severe people will cause shock.

8. Elderberry: The aromatic scent of conifers and flowers has a stimulating effect on the human stomach, which not only affects appetite, but also makes people feel upset, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

9, night fragrant: in the evening will emit a lot of stimulating scent particles, smell too long, will make high blood pressure and heart disease patients dizziness, depressed discomfort, and even worse.