1. LCMD-type off-line cleaning and low-pressure pulse bag-type dust collector body structure frame and box ----------- structural frame is used to support the dust collector body, ash hopper and ash transport equipment, etc.; Including the upper box, the middle box and ash bucket.
2, filter bags, cages and flower plates --- filter bags and cages constitute a filter dust filter system; flower plates used to support the filter bag assembly and separate filter room (dust containing section) and The clean room is used as an overhaul platform for the filter bag assembly of the precipitator; the filter bag assembly is loaded from the board.
a, filter bag:
For the entire boiler bag filter, dust filter bag is the core component. The quality of the filter material directly affects the dust removal efficiency of the dust collector. The life of the filter bag directly affects the operating cost of the dust collector.
Selection of imported German BWF quality polyester needle felt: PPS/PPS551CS17, polyphenylene sulfide, water and oil repellent treatment, temperature 190 °C instant 200 °C, unit weight ≥ 550g/m2.
The filter material is a surface filter type filter material, which completely cleans the dust and reduces the possibility that the dust will be hardened after forming a cloth powder layer on the surface of the filter bag.
b. Dust-removing frame The dust-removing frame adopts a round structure. The longitudinal reinforcement and anti-span ring of the bag cage are evenly distributed, and they have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation. (Longitudinal bar diameter ≥ φ4, 12 bars, reinforced anti-bracing ring Φ5, spacing 200, φ158×6000), the top is equipped with “η” shaped cold stamping short tube, which is used to ensure the verticality of the bag cage and protect the safety of the filter bag mouth when it is blown.
The cage material is made of 20# carbon steel, which uses a forming process of the cage production line to ensure the straightness and distortion of the cage. The filter bag frame is smooth and burr-free after touch-welding, and there is enough strength to prevent welding and no welding. Welds and leaks.
Bag-type dust collector bag cage adopts organic spraying technology, with strong coating, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance, avoiding rust on the surface of cage and filter bag binding after working for a period of time, ensuring smooth bag replacement and reducing bag replacement process. The damage to the bag.
3, electromagnetic pulse valve
1. The electromagnetic pulse valve is the key equipment of the dust removal system, and its selection relates to the cost and cleaning effect of the dust collector. The electromagnetic pulse valve is an imported electromagnetic pulse valve with injection pressure <0.3Mpa, DC24V, and φ3". The diaphragm is durable and its service life is more than 1 million times. It meets the requirements for efficient operation of the pulsed electromagnetic valve and greatly reduces the maintenance workload. .
4, the bypass valve, off-line valve device and the high temperature area to retain a certain distance, in order to ensure good long-term high-temperature conditions.
Each set of dust collector is equipped with multiple sets of bypass valves to meet the passage of flue gas when the bypass protection function of the dust collector starts.
The off-line valve (or the bypass channel of the precipitator) is arranged in the middle of the inlet and outlet ducts. It is of built-in type. The bypass valve and the off-line valve are in the form of pneumatic quick-opening glands, O-type bidirectional sealing grooves, and the sealing ring is acid and alkali resistant. High temperature resistant fluororubber, general temperature resistance up to 200 degrees, service life of at least 2 years.
The two valves adopt simple and reliable linear motion, avoiding the trouble caused by high rotation failure rate; the valve action is set to guide the slide rail, and the drive valve is equipped with one per chamber, so that the dust remover has off-line cleaning and off-line inspection functions.
Poppet and bypass valves are thin plate constructions. The two valves are controlled by the cylinder. The main components of the valve cylinder are imported products. The voltage level of the two-position five-way solenoid valve is 24v. The entire valve structure is simple, reliable, fast opening and closing speed, zero leakage requirements can be achieved when closed, through the PLC can control one or more simultaneous work, close one or more compartments for off-line cleaning, off-line maintenance.
When the poppet valve and the manual switching valve are closed, it can ensure that the chamber is completely off-line, and the single-warehouse inspection under the bag dust collector working condition is realized (the manual switching valve can also be used for regulating the air intake amount), and the poppet valve can be Limiting devices allow operators to detect their operating conditions in a timely manner.