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The reason for the rise of NTN bearing temperature and the corresponding treatment

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-07-18

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The reason for NTN bearing temperature rise:
1. The breaking of the cooling water of NTN bearing.
2, oil degradation; oil; or the operation of the individual's dirty oil degradation; such as in oil-in-water; will form oil; add acidity; will reduce oil smooth; corrosion of imported bearings; form the temperature of NTN bearings.
When the temperature of the NTN bearing rises; the first thing is whether it can be faulty; if they are real, they should be treated as follows:
1. Check the pressure of the cooling water; the flow and piping system are normal. The filter that flows down can be closed; it can't be disposed of; it can suspend the operation when it is disposed of; then it is put into use.
2, should check the governor oil pressure; oil pressure can cause if the cooling water; hydraulic valve closed.
3, can there be differences; can have abnormal sounds to view NTN bearing and bearing jump test.
4. Adopt the oil sample to investigate the color change of the oil; and conduct a test; see if it can deteriorate. If it proves to be worse; replace it with a new oil.
5, check whether the oil level oil level is normal; if it is not normal; check the water tank drain valve tight lock. If it is closed; should participate in oil; if it is the gasket breathability; should stop treatment.
When we use NTN to import bearings; if a person is now at a high temperature; then agile the operation of the equipment; then find out the reason and supply treatment plan; in accordance with the above; but because of the different reasons; NTN bearing heat; Treated in a different way; so we should put it under certain conditions; with the assistance of a technician.

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