The campus security system is a large-scale integrated monitoring system. It first considers the network video monitoring system. Its transmission process is characterized by large data volume, approximately constant network bandwidth, and convergence from the front-end video monitoring point to all levels of monitoring centers. Transmission. At the same time, it is necessary to connect the anti-theft alarm system and the one-card system. If the topology of the system is designed, it will be able to reduce the difficult problems such as unreliable transmission and data transmission delay in heterogeneous networks to some extent.

overall framework

In the video surveillance system, according to different monitoring requirements, high-definition network cameras are installed on the entrance and exit corridor corridors, and cameras that can rotate 360 ​​degrees are installed on campus perimeters and playgrounds to achieve no dead angle monitoring and installation of dome cameras in classrooms and laboratories. , to achieve a large-angle monitoring. Through the transmission system (campus network or self-built fiber optic network), unified access to the school's monitoring center, in the back-end monitoring center system.

Through the network hard disk recorder (NVR) to achieve 24-hour front-end video data monitoring and video storage, through the digital matrix to achieve front-end network signal wall display, through the monitoring platform can achieve video management, control rights management, storage management, alarm management Function, through the public network, 3G network can achieve external network access, mobile phone monitoring and other functions.

The video surveillance system will use centralized storage to manage data and rely on A, B, and C three levels of monitoring focus to do regional management. In order to ensure the security on and off campus, we have added infrared radiation to the perimeter of the school campus. We have installed alarm devices such as sound and light alarms and emergency buttons in the teaching building, science and technology building, and dormitory building. When illegal personnel enter the perimeter In the range, infrared alarm fires when there is a sudden emergency in the building.

Alarms can be sent through emergency buttons and sound and light alarms. They can be sent to the campus monitoring center through the alarm host. The responsible personnel of the monitoring center can find the alarm signals and handle them in time. At the same time, the platform of the video monitoring system can receive the alarm signal linkage to the corresponding dome camera to call the preset point, deploy the platform software, realize the alarm linkage pop-up screen, electronic map alarm display and other functions, and intuitively understand the first-hand information. .

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