Light source box, commonly known as standard light source light box, or standard light source color light box. English name: Color Controller Light Box or Color Assessment Cabinet. It is used to evaluate the color deviation and color fastness color change level of the items in the related industries.


The light source box is divided into T60 four light sources, T60 five light sources, P60 six light sources, Color-60 seven light sources, and Color-60 eight light sources according to the number of various standard light sources it installs. There are P120 extra large and other specifications in the camera test. In the field, the light source box has exceeded the scope of the box.


â–¡Display the use time, name and number of switches of each light source â–¡Light source switches automatically, with the same color spectrum function â–¡No need for preheating, no flashing, can guarantee fast and reliable evaluation of color â–¡Low energy consumption, no heat (no need Cooling), high luminous efficiency â–¡ More complete configuration British and American standards Common light sources â–¡ Light source name can be changed, increase light source is more convenient 4 Scope Applicable to textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, printing, paper, paint, plastics, electronics, digital photography And other industries, for the color chromatic aberration, color fastness color grade and the same color spectrum effect evaluation.

Technical indicators

The standard light source box contains a variety of international standard light sources, which must meet the requirements of the International Society for Illumination (CIE) standards.

D65 light source: color temperature 6500±200K, color rendering index Ra≥95 (International Standard artificial sunlight)

A light source: color temperature 2856K (show room window spotlights)

F light source: color temperature 2700K (home hotel warm light) TL84 fluorescent light: color temperature 4000K (Europe, Japan store lighting)

CWF Fluorescent Light: Color Temperature 4150K (US Store Lights)

U30 light source: color temperature 3000K (US store lighting)

UV light source: peak wavelength 365nm (ultraviolet light)

HOR light source: color temperature: 2300K (horizontal daylight)

Test principle

People usually observe colors in daylight, so the fine color discrimination work in industrial production requires that the illumination source must have a spectral power distribution that approximates the real daylight, namely the D65 standard light source as defined by the CIE. However, in the color matching process, there is a very special phenomenon: the sample and the sample appear in the same color under the first light source, and under the other light source, there is a color difference, the so-called metamerism phenomenon. If you formulate mass-produced color products in your own light environment and fail to eliminate the problem of metamerism, complaints and even returns can occur when customers face disagreements in a vastly different light environment. Worries and losses can occur. Inevitably. Therefore, when you determine the color match or issue a production order, you need to use the “A” light source to test the metamerism effect to ensure that nothing is lost.

Light box use

The country has different radiant energy for different light sources, and when it shines on the items, different colors appear. Although the quality control in industrial production has been carefully compared by the quality inspectors, the ambient light source is not standard or is inconsistent with the light source used by the merchant. The colors seen under different lighting conditions are different, and the color difference of the product is difficult. determination. When the merchants check their goods, they will complain because of the color difference beyond the standard range, and even return the goods, which will seriously affect the goodwill of the company. To effectively solve the above problems, the most useful method is to verify the color of the goods, must be carried out under the same light source and under controlled conditions. For example, artificial light D65 is often used as a standard light source for evaluating the color of goods in international general standards. Especially during night shifts, it is especially important to use standard light sources to check for product color deviations. In addition to providing D65 light source, the light box also provides A light source, which has the function of testing homochromatic spectrum effect.


1. The light source box is a standard testing equipment. It must guarantee the standard of all light sources. The International Society for Illumination (CIE) standards are the criteria and should not be loosened. In particular, it must be ensured that the CIE is still in use within a certain period of time, so as to avoid systematic errors.

2. The inner wall of the light source box is a standard medium gray. The matt surface is conducive to light absorption, instead of reflecting light to interfere with the effect of a standard light source.

3, to avoid the light of the aging, the general use of no more than 2000 hours is limited.

4. The name of the sound broadcast button light source is better, and the wrong light source can be avoided; the same color different spectrum effect is also tested when the human eye does not leave the observation object, and the sound control light source box is used to realize the blind operation, thereby reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

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