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In everyone's heart,

Have their own desires and longings,

These thoughts may be the secrets you hide in your heart,

But it is easy to leak if you are not careful,

Look at today ’s test,

Have you guessed your mind?





The figure below,

What is the first word you associate with?











love you

If you see "love you", it means that you are a warm-hearted person, whether you treat your loved ones, friends, or even strangers with goodwill. You believe that most people in this society are kind, but also eager to get goodwill and care. You are simple in heart, not good at Ayutthaya and strategy, do not like high pressure and competition, just want to pursue peace and ordinary, it can be said that it is quite Buddhist.

You treat people with sincerity, have ideals and goals, and can positively face life, but sometimes they are too emotional, lack of calm thinking when encountering emotional problems, poor emotional adjustment ability, and are easily affected by emotions.



If you ever see "injured", it means that you are a person who is very afraid of being hurt, and you will be more sensitive to words like injury. You are independent, you do n’t like to ask people for anything, you do n’t like loneliness and loneliness, but you are a brave person and you do n’t want to express your inner true thoughts.

In the eyes of others, you always seem to be cheerful and optimistic, but in fact, even if you are hurt, you are alone. This shows that you are a person who cares about the ideas of others. This is your strength, but it is also your weakness.

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