Formulate the factory test standards for various types of bending hoop equipment. With reference to the test standards issued by the national and ministry manufacturers for downgrading, the overweight and overperformance that are implemented in the national and ministry standards for technical appraisal of model design or manufacturing, and the test content close to the service limit are eliminated. Draw the corresponding test record table to record the original data of the test. The formulation and implementation of the test standards can improve the acceptance quality of the hoop bending machine equipment in large-scale production, and can reduce the disputes between the two parties for maintenance and repair. It can also be used as a basis for the usual inspection of the technical status of the hoop bending machine equipment.
Strengthen the management of warranty period and repair. The warranty period for large-scale production of construction hoop machine equipment is the period for the manufacturer to insure the maintenance unit for the production quality. Therefore, the maintenance unit should use it as soon as possible after the overhaul hoop machine equipment is received, so that the production quality problems are exposed as soon as possible. It was successfully resolved within the guarantee period. The general guarantee period is 2,000 kilometers or one month, and other hoop bending machine equipment is 100 operating hours or one month. During the initial operation, the bending hoop equipment shipped from overhaul should strictly implement the running-in period regulations, otherwise, the manufacturer will not be liable for the failure caused thereby.
The production plant should strictly formulate a management system for repairs. Any production quality problems occurred in the hoop bending machine equipment during the warranty period should be arranged for repair, but the responsibility should be divided according to the regulations for economic accounting. The production plant establishes the quality first and does the repair work well. A pair of bending hoop equipment that has been arranged for repair should be promptly repaired and resolved, and the statistical analysis of the repair should be done. Major equipment damage to the hoop machine due to production quality should be reported to the competent department for accident handling, and in accordance with the accident management measures to "three not let go", distinguish the appointment, and draw lessons.
The rework rate refers to the percentage of the number of bending hoop equipment rework stations during the evaluation period and the total number of repaired units during the evaluation period, and is the benchmark for the long-term evaluation of the production quality of the production plant. The production plant shall formulate the annual repair rate index in order to assess the production quality. Reprint http: //
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