Nowadays the open kitchen is popular, but the open style seems to be unable to avoid fumes. The partition is a good solution. The kitchen and the restaurant are smartly used to separate the two, so that you can guarantee the space effect of the kitchen. At the same time, soot can also be avoided. It is the decoration method used by most owners in recent years. Then, what are the decoration methods and precautions for kitchen kitchen partitions ? In order to facilitate everyone's understanding of the decoration, I would like to explain the relevant knowledge of kitchen kitchen partitions .

Kitchen restaurant partition method - transparent storage wall

Transparent partition, both partition and storage. Increase the taste of the bedroom, it is in line with the use of small units.

Kitchen restaurant partition method --- sliding door partition

One of the most common decoration. Pollution was completely rejected. Choose green, beautiful and fresh.

Kitchen kitchen partition method - bar to do partition

Thick petty bourgeoisie and exotic style. Improve the taste of the room.

Kitchen restaurant partition method - hollow partition

Hollow partitions, which divide the kitchen and restaurant area, are both transparent and beautiful, making it a good choice for many owners.


Kitchen restaurant cut off notices

Kitchen restaurant partition - open

(1) Circuit safety: Keep away from gas lines, wires and pipes from the underground, otherwise it will affect the appearance.

(2) Decoration materials need to be easily cleaned: walls, floors, kitchens, and easy-to-clean materials.

(3) The supporting furniture is mainly simple: to order or purchase, it must be based on simplicity, to prevent contamination of oil, and to facilitate cleaning.

(4) The ventilation of the open kitchen is the key: using high-power, multi-functional range hoods, good ventilation, so that the interior light is more transparent.

Kitchen restaurant partition - closed

1. Partition materials for enclosed kitchens and restaurants: Partition walls, partition doors, moving doors

Use partition walls, partition doors, or moving doors, which are commonly used in Chinese kitchens.

2, the advantages of enclosed kitchen and dining room partition

To ensure the complete leakage of smoke, air pollution. Suitable for Chinese kitchens and restaurants.

3, closed kitchen and restaurant partition design considerations

(1) Light-through: Consider the lighting of the kitchen, because the space for lighting in the kitchen becomes smaller.

(2) The layout of space: The space becomes smaller. To avoid congestion, reasonable use of space is required.

(3) The freshness of the air: The kitchen is heavy smoke, the function of the hood is designed and the size of the window.


Kitchen restaurant partition - half open

Partitioning of kitchen and restaurant in half-opening mode Materials: glass, stainless steel, curtain (bead curtain)

Glass, stainless steel, and curtains are the best materials. Can also play the role of isolation soot.

2. Advantages of half-open kitchen and restaurant partitions

Eliminating smoke leakage and strong decorative effects, forming a rich spatial structure.

3, half-open mode kitchen and restaurant partition design considerations

(1) Adequate lighting: make full use of light. The semi-open kitchen does not block natural light.

(2) The spatial level of kitchens and restaurants: Consider the spatial level and avoid the monotony of restaurants. That is, openness and enrichment.

(3) The function of the partition: The issue of fume emission in the kitchen needs to be considered.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of knowledge about the decoration methods and precautions of the kitchen restaurant, and hopes to help those friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Kitchen restaurant partition

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