Doors and windows are the passage connecting the room with the outside world, so the installation quality problem needs to pay attention to it. The acceptance after the installation of the doors and windows is also very important. It can be judged through the inspection of the appearance, borders, door locks and opening. The quality of doors and windows, there are many details that need attention, the following on the door and window installation acceptance and other related knowledge for everyone to explain in detail, hoping to help meet the needs of friends!

Door and window installation construction plan

First, construction preparation:

1, material:

1) Variety, specification, and opening form should meet the requirements, and the attachments are fully furnished with factory certificate.

2) Materials should meet design requirements and related regulations.

2, operating conditions:

1) Construct as required, and draw the installation location.

2) Check whether the size meets the requirements. The number of buried parts, the location, and the method of embedding should be checked at the openings of buried parts. Problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.


Second, the operating process:

1, anti-corrosion treatment: according to design requirements.

2, in place and temporarily fixed: according to the installation position of the door and window ink line, the door and window into the hole in place, position and deviation should meet the standard.

1) The connection between the door and window frame and the wall is fixed. The project uses expansion bolts.

2) The sealing of the door window frame and wall installation gap.

3) After the installation is fixed, carry out acceptance inspection. After the inspection is qualified, seal the gap between the door and window frame and the wall installation gap.

4) The treatment of door and window frames and wall installation gaps shall be carried out in accordance with the design regulations. Should be filled with cement slurry, such as the outdoor side seal notch, filled with waterproof sealant.

3, installation of complete hardware accessories, and to ensure its flexible use.

4, install the door window glass:

1) The installation of door and window sashes and door and window glazing shall be performed after the completion of the decoration work on the surface of the wall of the cavern.

2) Casement window assembly on the wall, after installation, fixed, and then install the glass, first adjust the gap, then the glass into the fan, and finally inlaid seal, sealant, anti-collision adhesive.

3) Push-pull window After the window frame is installed and fixed, install the window sash with the glass as a whole, that is, the glass enters the fan to install and seal, and then enter the frame to adjust the gap between the frame and the fan.


Door and window installation specification

The size of doors and windows shall be reserved for installation, and the elastic connection shall be firm. The door and window frames shall not be buried directly in the wall, and no other operation methods shall be used.

Corresponding treatment shall be made at the periphery of the hole or at the connection to ensure the connection is fixed. The thickness of the steel connection shall not be less than 2.5mm.

The mounting assembly should be securely connected with no more than 600mm at the two adjacent spaces and 400mm of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Corrosion-resistant fillers should be used.

When installing hardware accessories, use matching hardware to connect and install.

Installation must be equipped with adjustable limit cards and other anti-drop measures. Limit cards should be installed on the side of the door sash. After the sliding door and window are installed, the frame fan should have no visible deformation, and the door leaf should be closed tightly and flexibly.

The measured values ​​of the upper and lower laps of the sashes and frames shall meet the design requirements and shall not be less than 6mm. The measured value should meet the design requirements and should not be less than 8mm.

Sealing tape should be left with a telescopic margin, with a 45-degree bevel cut at the corners, and glued firmly with adhesive so as not to cause shrinkage seams.

When mounting the slide, stainless steel screws must be used. Strengthen the reliable connection of the steel plate, the connection should be waterproof and sealed.

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Door and window installation

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