The air-cooled low-temperature coolant circulation unit should be turned on to see if the steering of the fan is correct. If the forward rotation can be started, the reverse rotation indicates that the power supply wiring is reversed, and the phase sequence must be replaced before starting.

The set values ​​of the various protection devices of the unit have been set up by the factory, and users should not arbitrarily change them.

When the unit has a fault alarm and stops, first press the unit's stop button (the alarm light will go out), and then check the cause of the fault. Do not force the machine to run before the fault is eliminated.

If it is not an emergency, the unit should not be turned off by cutting off the main power supply; if the unit is stopped for a long time in winter, turn off the unit first, then turn off the main power supply, and drain the water in the system.

To keep the equipment room clean and well ventilated, clean the condenser regularly to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit.

Air-cooled low-temperature coolant circulation device should keep the surface of the heat-dissipating coil of the low-temperature coolant circulation device clean, ensure the surrounding air circulation, low temperature, and regularly clean the scale on the coil to ensure good heat transfer.

The water-cooled low-temperature coolant circulation device should keep the heat-dissipating water tower clean, keep the air circulation around the water tower, and keep the temperature low to prevent debris from entering the cooling tower to reduce heat dissipation efficiency.

If the cryogenic coolant circulation unit has been in use for more than six months, or if the high/low pressure switch is frequently malfunctioning or the cooling capacity is reduced, arrange for the staff to clean the condenser. If the repair is performed according to the above instructions many times, the alarm of the low-temperature coolant circulation device still sounds long, then the professional maintenance of the low-temperature coolant circulation device personnel should be repaired.

Looking at the maintenance and maintenance aspects of such a low-temperature coolant circulation device, I think you should know how to maintain the low-temperature coolant circulation device during daily use, and how to maintain it to keep your cryogenic coolant circulation device service life. It’s longer.

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