• Model NO.: CT-1
  • Application: Fence Mesh, Protecting Mesh, Cages, Construction Wire Mesh, Screen, Decorative Mesh, Barbecue Wire Mesh, Window Curtain, Bank Protection Revetment
  • Weave Method: Anti-Twist
  • Products Name: Hexagonal Wire Mesh
  • Selvedge: 2.5mm-4.5mm
  • Certificate: ISO CE
  • Advantage: Cheap Price, Fast Delivery
  • Service: Best Service
  • Trademark: Chang Te
  • Origin: Anping China(Mainland)
  • Material: Galvanized Iron Wire
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized
  • Weave Technique: Plain Weave
  • Mesh Hole: 70*90mm 80*100mm 100*120mm
  • Color Options: Green Black Grey or Customize
  • Products Life: 70-80years
  • Export Markets: Global
  • Sample: Free
  • Specification: Zinc quantity on 220g/m2
  • HS Code: 7205290000
Product Description
PVC Coated/Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Gabion wall refers to the box type net cage with a heavy six angle net, so it is called "thestone cage net or stone cage net cage", Europe also called gabion mesh, gabion boxes. The stone cage cage filled with stones at the project site, form flexible, permeable structure andintegrity, such as retaining wall, retaining weir river lining, etc. The erosion controlengineering.
Gabion wall by a partition interval of 1 meters (double twisted hexagonal wire mesh) is divided into a plurality of cells, in order to strengthen the stone cage cage structure strength, surfacemesh all edges end with a diameter of more coarse wire. The guidance and control of rivers and flood release flood waters dam and diversion dam rockfall protection against Retaining Wall Road Protection of soil and water loss soil fixing structure of bridge protection coastal defense engineering in port engineering water.
Advantages of stone cage net wall: Gabion wall project can try to be coordinated with the natural environment, and can improve the quality of environment of highway. Because ofgabion retaining wall has a larger porosity (20% ~ 30%), so there is no need to set the drain hole, expansion joints and settlement joints can also be simple layout can be. Compared withother forms of retaining wall, gabion retaining wall has the advantages of good ecology, low cost, can bear larger deformation is not damaged etc...

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