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Motorcycle anti-theft locks are generally divided into three types of disc locks, wheel locks (commonly known as U-locks), and chain locks. The requirement for a good lock is to lock the overall anti-saw, anti-pliers, and anti-big hammer. Lock the key to prevent the master key. These have been done, this lock basically prevents your car from being stolen. Many locks are not made of steel and are made of zinc alloy. Not enough strength. The chain lock is very simple, that is, to prevent the pliers, the chain has to be clamped continuously, it is also very rare, and the material requirements are very high. After all, the single-sided material of the chain is thinner than the rod of the wheel lock. So a chain lock that can withstand the forceps is hard to come by. Note that the special function of the chain is to bind the obstacles and the car will not be removed. This is very important. No matter how good the lock is, there is no chain lock. When you encounter a forced move, you have to lose the car.
Next, analyze some famous brands.
1, Guangzhou Golden Point Atomic
It is the first manufacturer to break through the traditional lock to develop a new type of key. It is the most well-known in the national motorcycle anti-theft lock. For the moment, the lock is a bit old and the security is average. And the lock body is zinc alloy, can not be lower than the sledgehammer, can be easily broken. It is a low-end product. Product prices are also between 30-50.
Golden point lock
2, Guangzhou Karma
It is the most popular lock in the last two years. It is also very familiar to consumers. Its products are divided into high, medium and low grades. Most of the locks are made of zinc alloy. The boxed disc lock is even more difficult to break. Many forums are Someone posted.
Karma U-lock
3. Guangzhou Okma
It is an old-fashioned lock factory. After moving from Wenzhou to Guangzhou, it also produced a series of new locks. The thickest 808 lock is his masterpiece. Unfortunately, it is not anti-saw, mainly producing zinc alloy-based anti-theft locks. The material used for the lock body is more stressful, but the lock is always a weakness. The new double-key double-lock has certain characteristics, but it is more troublesome to use.
4. Taiwan Steel Warrior
It is the most expensive and most sturdy anti-theft lock at the current sales price, and has good anti-theft performance. Ok, good, expensive! Just one word! The main feature is light and sturdy. The O-lock can pull the truck. It can be seen that it can withstand the torsion. Don't look at his lock lever, but the pliers can't help him. Not to mention the hacksaw.
5, Shanghai Mo's dew lock
The lock is made of Wenzhou gold point atomic lock, which is technically backward. The lock body is made of Guangdong steel, (not the steel in Israel). It is anti-saw and anti-plier. The solid side is very good. As far as the locks on the market are concerned, they belong to the mid-range series, and the ratio of material robustness to any lock is available. The only drawback is that the lock is not good enough. The master key can be easily opened, and even a few locks of the same type can be opened. After the lock is improved, it may be a good lock. As far as the current price is concerned, the price/performance ratio is not high. If you sell 60-80 yuan, it is still worth buying. Mo's dew chain lock also has the disadvantage of poor lock.
6, United States Kelly
A sign that Jews are registered in the United States. Earlier, there were three belt factories in China, one in Wenzhou, one in Guangdong (Hongxing Lock Industry) and one in Taiwan. There may be only one processing factory in Taiwan now. For various reasons, the brand of Kelly has not been allowed to be sold in China. The existing stocks are a few years ago. The quality of the lock is very good, and the workmanship is fine. It used to be the disc lock famous in China. Many people are still using it now. All steel casting, knocking constantly, lingering constantly. It belongs to high-grade locks, but it is a pity that it is difficult to buy.
7, Solit series
The lock of the Solit series can be said to have a close relationship with Kelly, because it is the same as Guangdong Red Star Lock. Made with the same abrasives. All series are cast in all steel. The latest 06 U-lock uses chrome-molybdenum steel for high-grade mountain bike frame materials. Both toughness and toughness are at a very high level. The chain lock series are all processed by Shanghai Baosteel. The pliers are absolutely cut. Detailed introduction can refer to the in-store introduction. Belong to the high-end lock. The safety factor is high.
8, universal locks
The universal lock factory is the top ten lock factory in the country and can be called the lock king. Most of them are exported products, and basically only export orders. Many products are made of all steel. It also produces low-end locks of tens of yuan, mainly for developing countries in the Middle East. There are not many high-grade locks, there are several U-shaped locks, and the lock body is protected by a 2mm thick steel plate. Quite firm. Chain lock material deviation, can not withstand the forceps, is a low-end. The universal lock series is exquisite in workmanship, and the materials are exquisite. When purchasing, it is necessary to distinguish which level of his products belongs to, involving low, medium and high grades. There are not many general lock agents, because it is for export, so the price is not transparent. Many people use high-end locks to sell high-end prices. requires attention
9, miscellaneous locks to protect Junan, magic, fine points, etc.
The security is average, not introduced one by one.

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