How to make diatom mud use more value?

In the wall decoration of the house, diatom mud's different functions in different rooms will not only add a lot of color to the entire home, but also fully exploit the value of diatom mud.

Among the eight functions of diatom mud, air purification and respiratory humidity control have delivered healthy and comfortable air to every room, and are loved by the majority of owners. The diatom mud function that is easy to ignore, such as soft color, strong artistic, long life, fire retardant, sound absorption and noise reduction, will also exert different advantages when used in different rooms, and will also modulate feng shui for different residents. effect.

In school-age children's eye precautions, the child's eyes can be protected in a soft color environment. Diatom mud is processed from diatom minerals formed by the geological movement of the deep-sea diatoms billions of years ago. Under an electron microscope, like a honeycomb, its porosity can reach more than 90%, which is 5000-6000 times that of activated carbon. The light shines on the wall of diatom mud, diatom mud pores can absorb part of the light, so that the light reflected in the human eye is soft, compared to latex paint, wallpaper and other bright wall materials, in the children's room inside the use of soft colors Diatom mud is more able to protect the child's vision, and to imagine the future in the sky.

Diatom mud should be used in the main bedroom that is not frequently replaced. Diatom mud raw materials exist for hundreds of millions of years, there is no doubt that an objective material, chemical properties are very stable. When the mineral diatom minerals were processed into wall surface materials, it was only through a simple impurity removal process that did not change its chemical structure. After testing, it had a life expectancy of more than 20 years, providing peace of mind and peace of mind.

Super artistic nature makes diatom mud wall patterns changeable, making young people eager to pursue fashion. The style of the room is mainly achieved through walls, ceilings, and decorative parts (curtains, wall accessories). Walls and ceilings are the key points. Changing the style of the room is mainly from two aspects.

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