As the city develops, more and more people live in an environment full of surveillance cameras. Due to the drive of public safety and personal privacy awareness, and the diversity of security technologies, the entire video surveillance market is in a period of vigorous development. Under the video surveillance industry standard, users can flexibly use the network conversion monitoring method; in the IP environment, the network camera can expand the security management scale to a wider extent. At any time, the network gives the monitoring system more energy and can also effectively Control monitoring costs.

How to prevent hacking when cameras are spread around the city?

However, the user's lack of attention to passwords has made security monitoring devices an open window of privacy. Take a web site for example. The United States has 9,799 cameras, South Korea, 4,815 webcams and 2,590 webcams in China, which are among the top three.

Surveillance cameras in all corners of the city are only a small part of the agency. The large number of camera installation subjects, and the absence of licensing or filing procedures, lack of strict rules and regulations for the collection, storage, and use of surveillance videos and images can easily lead to violations of privacy rights.

Recently, a large number of cameras in the UK have been "black" incidents. The reason is that after manufacturers produce a batch of surveillance cameras, they will give them a unified initial password. These passwords are very simple. Most consumers do not change their passwords after they buy it, which gives hackers an opportunity. In addition, because a large number of cameras are connected to the Internet or a local area network, the user can remotely view the camera. This operation feature increases the possibility of it being "black".

How to protect the surveillance camera from being invaded?

1. Change the initial password for the device.

2. Merchants should instruct consumers how to set a password. If you do not provide this information, contact the manufacturer.

3. The password must be replaced in time, using a complex combination of numbers.

4. Make sure to open the firewall and update the security software in time.

Food Additives


Food additives is a synthetic or natural substance added to food to improve the quality of food color, aroma, taste, and the needs of anticorrosion and processing. At present, there are 23 categories of food additives in China, including more than 2000 varieties, including acidity regulator, anticorrosive agent, defoamer, antioxidant, bleaching agent, puffing agent, coloring agent, color protecting agent, enzyme preparation, flavoring agent, nutritional fortifier, antiseptic, sweetener, thickener, aroma and so on.

Food additives have greatly promoted the development of the food industry and have been praised as the soul of the modern food industry, which mainly brings many benefits to the food industry. Food additives main functions are as follows:

Prevent metamorphism

For example, preservatives can prevent food spoilage caused by microorganisms, prolong the shelf life of food, and also prevent food poisoning caused by microbial contamination. Also such as: antioxidants can prevent or delay the oxidative deterioration of food, to provide food stability and storage resistance, but also can prevent the formation of potentially harmful oil automatic oxidation substances. In addition, it can also be used to prevent enzymatic browning and non enzymatic browning of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. These are of certain significance to the preservation of food.

Improvement of sensory properties of food

Appropriate use of coloring agent, color protecting agent, bleaching agent, edible spice, emulsifier, thickener and other food additives can obviously improve the sensory quality of food and meet people's different needs.

Keep improving the value of nutrition

It is of great significance to prevent malnutrition and nutritional deficiency, promote nutrition balance and improve people's health by adding certain food nutrition fortifier which belong to natural nutrition in food processing.

Increase the variety and convenience

As many as 20000 kinds of food are available to consumers in the market, although most of the products are processed by certain packaging and different processing methods, in the production project, some color, fragrance and flavour products have been added to different degrees in color, fragrance, flavoring and even other food additives. It is these many foods, especially the supply of convenience foods, that bring great convenience to people's life and work.

Convenience food processing

The use of defoamer, filter aid, stability and coagulant in food processing can be beneficial to the processing of food. For example, when using gluconic acid delta lactone as tofu coagulant, it can facilitate the mechanization and automation of tofu production.


Food Additives

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