Antibacterial bioplastics have not been able to determine whether 100% sterilization. Recently, Alex Jones, a doctoral student who studies the antibacterial properties of bioplastics, has developed a new formulation of antibacterial bioplastics, which is expected to achieve 100% sterilization rate.
According to a recent study by the University of Georgia's Family and Consumer Sciences, bioplastics made from proteins such as protein and whey have significant antibacterial properties that can be used in both medical and food packaging. The researchers tested three non-traditional bioplastic materials – protein, whey and soy protein – that were used to replace conventional plastics and found to reduce the risk of contamination. For example, when a protein (protein in egg white) is mixed with a conventional plasticizer, it exhibits strong antibacterial properties. “Experiments have found that there is no bacterial growth on this plastic,” Alex Jones said. "Bacteria cannot survive on this plastic."
“If you put it in a landfill, this pure protein will break down,” he said. “If you bury it in the soil, the plastic will disappear in a month or two.” The study will next provide an in-depth analysis of the potential of this protein-based bioplastics in biomedical and food packaging to kill bacteria or prevent their spread to 100% antibacterial effects.
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  Magnesium Oxide Board is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, high quality plant fiber as the backbone inside and fiber glass cloth to insure the toughness and lightweight of the board. It has no asbestos, no formaldehyde and no benzene, and during the course of its burning, there is no poison somke, that make a wonderful environment for the people. This board is mothproof, and it can protect the building against mould, bacterium, insects and termites. And the installation is simple. The high strength, good stability and good flexibility are the reasons of its long service. This board also can be made in different edge finish: shiplap edge, suqare edge, T&G edge. 

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