The type of iron wok and the difference of iron wok are the most traditional kitchen utensils in China. With the market of all kinds of wok on the market, people gradually ignore the iron wok, but with a series of other cooking pots After the problem broke out, people began to pay attention to the iron cooking pot, but there are two main types of iron cooking pots on the market, each with its own advantages, and how the consumers of the layman distinguish between the two when purchasing. What about?

The iron cooking pots on the market are divided according to their materials. There are mainly two types of products, which are divided into two types: fine iron pots and cast iron pots. Cast iron pots are the iron pots we often say, and as consumers in the purchase process. How do you distinguish between a fine iron pot and a cast iron pot? Is it a good pig iron or a cast iron pot?

Generally, the cast iron pot is made by casting with gray iron. The heat transfer is slow and the heat transfer is uniform. However, the pot ring is thick and the grain is rough and easy to crack. The iron pot is made of black iron forging or manual hammering. It has the characteristics of thin pot ring, fast heat transfer and beautiful appearance.

The pig iron pot also has a characteristic. When the temperature of the fire exceeds 200 ° C, the pig iron pot will emit a certain amount of heat energy, and the temperature transmitted to the food is controlled at 230 ° C, while the fine iron pot directly transfers the temperature of the fire to the food. . For the average family, it is better to use a cast iron pot. However, the fine iron pot also has advantages. First, since the fine iron is cast and has less impurities, the heat transfer is relatively uniform, and the sticking phenomenon is not easy to occur. Second, because the materials are good, the pot can be made very thin and the temperature inside the pot can be higher. Third, the grade is high, the surface is smooth, and the cleaning work is good. These two types of iron cooking pots have their own advantages, and consumers are better off choosing according to their own preferences.
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